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  • Metalspawn

    The first of 300

    ust came back from my first go at the 100rep workout and I must admit - there were a few suprises...The Russian twists: These really started to get to me once I hit 15 and.... the Arnold presses: I needed three sets to get these all out. Having said that, it wasn't my strength that failed me but my energy levels! It was, however, the last day in 5 contiguous days of training sessions (Excuses, excuses :P). I managed to complete the circut in 6 minutes and I proabably could have improved my form on the last few chin ups and russian twists. We'll see how it goes next week.

    Posted over 8 years ago by Metalspawn

  • Metalspawn

    The first post (and potentially last!)

    That's right, now that I'm back into training I thought I would have a crack at this site. I have never been good at keeping a calandar or schedule but I figured that this was worth a crack. I'm going to be starting of with a 30-40 min work out every workday morning of resistance training (wieghts). Basically I need to regain the strength I have lost in my five month break. The 300 workout has inpired me and I think i will give it a crack. Not consistantly but hopefully at least once a week. Peace out for now.

    Posted over 8 years ago by Metalspawn

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