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    Just joined and am checking everything out. I recently quit smoking and in fact, am celebrating 6 weeks tobacco free today!! I am proud of myself and am trying to become even more healthy. :) I used to be a runner (many years ago) and really enjoyed it. I miss it and am also trying to build up cardio and relieve stress so I just started the Couch 2 5K program. I have finished session 2 of Week 1 so far...tomorrow is the last session for Week 1. I don't really have an ideal weight.... I just want to be in shape, and feel strong and fit. :) I am excited and can't wait to become healthier and more fit, though I know it is a process. I am hoping for this will be a place where I can share my struggles and triumphs with others who are going through the same. :)

    Posted over 7 years ago by michellestone


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