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from United Kingdom (South Glous Leisure Centre/Pool.)

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"

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  • MissLola28


    Well I'm enjoying tracking my food and workouts this time round on DB. So far I have lost 5lbs in 2 weeks which I'm very happy with :) my aim however from now on is to lose 4lbs a month until I reach my goal weight of 11stone. I should meet this by May the 1st and will then be in a healthy BMI range, something I haven't been in for the past 4 years!

    Posted over 3 years ago by MissLola28

  • andromedaone


    Checking in on ya! I know it's hard getting back into things and getting motivated, but it only gets harder the longer you put it off (trust me). Let's both refocus and get back into gear for the holiday season! :)

    Posted over 4 years ago by andromedaone

  • racemary


    Good to hear that you're not giving up! And I hope you had a nice weekend way. :) Maybe it would help if you set yourself a new goal, like "I want to swim 6 mi until the end of August" xo

    Posted over 4 years ago by racemary

  • MissLola28


    Hey Mary, congrats on finally reaching the 25 BMI mark! WELL DONE!! I've went away for a long weekend and didn't have access to the site so haven't logged anything, going to go back and input my exercise now. Must admit though since getting back from hols last week i'm finding it hard to get re-motivated :( I will get my butt in to gear though, I feel the most happiest when i'm on track with logging and exercising so there's no way i'm giving up!! xx

    Posted over 4 years ago by MissLola28

  • racemary


    what's going on? No weigh in, no exercise, no nutrition logged? Have you given up? I know it's hard, but try to celebrate the little achievements and try not to get disheartened when you slip up.

    Posted over 4 years ago by racemary

About Me

Hi, Well I'm Lauren, I'm 28 and from South West England, UK. I'm on here to try out DB's way of losing weight as I've tried WW and Slimming world and find them a bit restrictive, plus they focus on weight loss. I'm more interested in reducing my body fat and inches, and also getting fitter and looking more "toned" by way of cardio and strength training. So far my exercise and DB logging is working, if what quite slowly but that's ok. Well I'm going to keep it up and see if I can recah my goals!!!


Sex: Female

Age: 30

Weight: 175 lbs

Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)



Waist Size

(I want to decrease by 2 in)

Body Fat

(My goal is 25 %)


(My goal is 1mi in 00:55:00min)

Motivation Groups


Weight Loss for Women