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    Fell off train

    So after losing 30 pounds I fell off the train - started eating fast food and double portions again, no excercise after being active everyday for so long. Gained back 15 pouds in no time. Uggh. I literally feel like I have no control when it comes to food - I drive by a place and say NOPE - NOT GOING THERE - EATING RIGHT TODAY. Then a moment later it's a uturn and back to gorge. I'll start tomorrow or next week or next month. Beer is also an issue - we drink about once a week either at a bbq, concert, community event, party, etc -- I think that is helping bring back the old beer gut. Luckily I have a girlfriend who isn't too keen on having a fat boyfriend and gave me a stern talking too. My other friend also reminded me that I can eat what I want as long as I am working out to either even it out OR lose weight. I am back on the workout train (upper body MWF and lower body TT and the weekends off but trying to walk, hike, frisbee golf, etc those days too). Lost two pounds so far in the first two days. Another workout tonight. My goal in 20 pounds (260 lbs) by December 31st. I am making my new years resolution before new years and I can make a new goal once it arrives. WISH ME LUCK!

    Posted over 3 years ago by musicforchange

  • musicforchange

    So far so good

    I have been eating good (weight loss shake for breakfast, meal bar for lunch, healthy snacks twice a day, and a balanced dinner (sandwich, soups, salads, frozen dinners, etc). I tried working out once at the gym and once at home....I think I might go with the home workout. While I don't have a treadmill or anyway to get cardio I think I am happier and more likely to stick with it at home --- the gym is too intimidating. I have been doing the following every morning before work: Crunches Reverse Crunches 60 seconds of jumping jacks wall push ups body weight squats plank (15 sec) Starting today I am also working out at night (monday, wed, friday) and doing all the above PLUS: mountain climbers wall sits lunges butterfly kicks bird dogs bench dips dumbell curls I am hoping this mixed with a good diet will help me lose what I need to before Feb 24th.

    Posted over 4 years ago by musicforchange


Sex: Male

Age: 34

Weight: 278 lbs

Height: 6ft 3in (191 cm)


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