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    February 17th 2012

    I feel pretty badly. I've gained weight though I've not gone above the recommended 2,000 calories a day. I have not done much physical activity, though. I think I should try to incorporate the recommended thirty minutes of exercise a day. I should probably try to get my money's worth from my gym membership. I'm doing really well on eating on my fruits and vegetables, though. I get five servings mostly everyday. I need to cut down on sodium and fat; I keep overdoing that. I've noticed the less I eat out, the less sodium in my diet. I might try to prepare more meals in advanced. On a brighter note, tomorrow is Zumba! I should stop by and get some strawberries afterward. Also, I need to remember to make time for myself. I've noticed, too often, ignoring my down time to get things done results in overeating because I'm either stressed or tired. I've found that taking time to just go to a coffee shop and read for pleasure does wonders for that. I haven't overeaten in a while, and I think my scheduled me time is why. I'm going to keep doing that.

    Posted over 3 years ago by MyMelody


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