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    Today after writing up the TRX cert exercises, I will come up with my new BBody Plan and schedule!

    Posted over 3 years ago by najthearts

About Me

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, received my Bachelor's in Music from PSU, toured around the country with a Broadway Show, lived in Manhattan, working as an artist & personal trainer, and now my life has become even 10 times better with BEACHBODY AND SHAKEOLOGY in my life!! I am an athlete in training for most of the year, I train for running road races of distances anywhere from a 5K to an Ultra Marathon (100k). I've done a Sprint Tri and plan to do many more Tri's and Half Ironman's in the near future. I am currently in training for my very first "Figure" bodybulding competition. I am a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Group Fitness Instructor. I absolutely LOVE to utilize the Beachbody Workouts and Shakeology in all of my personal training and with my Fit Club Workouts!! Want to get motivated or STAY motivated to be "Fit For Life"? Well, what better way to do that but by being held accountable by friends and family? That is EXACTLY what Team Beachbody is all about. Team Beachbody is here to help keep us Motivated, Connected, and Accountable for being FiT. In my Fab Fit Club, we use workouts that are SIMILAR to the "Beachbody" HIIT workouts (P90X, INSANITY,10 MINUTE TRAINER, ETC.) and we throw in some other things here and there for variation (TRX, Kettlebell, Swimming, Spinning, Free weights, etc.). We all have different goals, different things we are training for, and different life schedules, but meeting up for maybe an hour at least twice a week is a way to CHECK IN and STAY MOTIVATED!! This way we can all help each other remember how important it is to stay fit and healthy for a longer more enjoyable life!! Through Team Beachbody we can all share fitness tips and ideas, find ways to make fitness exciting and important, and be there to motivate and support each other while we try to reach our goals. I want to be a resource and a great "coach"/motivator to everyone I can as a Certified Trainer and Beachbody Coach.


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