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  • nicky_a

    going nowhere!

    ive been keeping up my exercise, doing my best diet wise and im still struggling to lose anything. I've been doing 2 optifast shakes per day (breakfast & lunch) with a small meal at dinner. I'm thinking it might be time to cut back on the shakes. maybe my body is too used to them. In a couple of weeks I'm going to cut back to just 1 shake per day at lunch and exchange the breakfast one for uncle tobys oats. I havent lost as much as i wouldve liked on the shakes but almost 10kg is nothing to sneeze at! ive got bootcamp starting on Aug 28th and i just want to be over 10kg lost by then - even if its 10.1!! :) nic

    Posted over 4 years ago by nicky_a

  • nicky_a

    stall pattern

    I've managed to get myself into a bit of a stall pattern at 9.3kg lost! admittedly my week off last week didnt help things as i didnt eat particulary well and did hardly any exercise. I've thrown myself back in to it this week with the hopes of reaching the 10kg mark soon. fingers crossed! On the skating front, im getting much closer to my laps in 5 minutes goal. im 3 shy now and i think that if i push hard enough then ill be able to do it by the end of october for the test :D ive started my other fitness things - sit ups, push ups, squats etc... getting there with those, although the body bridge is a killer! im aiming to be at 40secs by the end of august! ive agreed to do a 2.5km "fun" run in september. not sure how that will go but we'll see i guess! lets hope my next entry will have a big 10kg lost in the title ;) nic

    Posted over 4 years ago by nicky_a

  • nicky_a

    me and my journey so far...

    a little bit about me - i decided enough is enough, i WONT be fat and unfit anymore. the real motivation for this is that I want to do Roller Derby. Thing is, i could do most of the skills needed to pass and take my first baby steps into the sport. but what held me back was my endurance skating. i couldnt do enough laps and i could barely do the 5 minutes required. so i failed! the failing occured in april and since then I've been on a mission. the next bootcamp starts at the end of august, and i just know ill make it this time! It says ive lost 3.8kg since joining daily burn. this app has been a lifesaver for me on my 'get fit/weight loss' journey! but in reality, this started before i joined daily burn. Ive actually lost 7.8kg as of this morning. Still have a long way to go. but its a start and its already made such a difference. I'm noticing it in every part of my life. I'm feeling better health wise, i feel better during and after exercise - its allowing me to push myself harder and get better results! so far, ive just been doing cardio work. given the amount of weight i need to lose, i thought it would be best to downsize a little before starting any weight work. im at a point now that while the endurance skating still hurts, i can do the minimum required laps - not quite the 'aim for' amount of laps, but getting there! as of july i will start my other fitness training - sit ups, push ups, body bridges, squats and lunges. all so my legs and core will be atleast partly strong enough to get me through bootcamp and a passing on my white star test! anyway, im not sure anyone will actually read this. but its nice to write about it in a place where i wont feel embarrased about how bads it gotten infront of people i know. thanks nic

    Posted over 4 years ago by nicky_a


Sex: Female

Age: 34

Weight: 98.1 kg

Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm)




from melbourne, Victoria

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