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  • pati0561

    09/29/11 165.2

    Im so excited to lose another pound woohoo

    Posted over 3 years ago by pati0561

  • pati0561

    09/22/11 167.6 ETL baby...

    Got back up to 177 since the last post! boo...I have lost 10 lbs and feel good. I need to incorporate some work outs now!!! START PATI!!! Keep going...... let's get in those '50's!!!!!

    Posted over 3 years ago by pati0561

  • pati0561

    06/11/11 171.6

    Okay... I need to pump this thing up!!! I have to rock this month out of the water in order to make my goals!! even though you are eating very good and keeping your portions to a minimum, you are still not buring enough calories to lose weight!!! GET UP in the mornings and push through the work outs!!!! Get some fire behind you and burn off this ugly FAT!!!! You CAN do this Pati!!! You WILL do this!!! No more size 12's!! I hate this size!!! So very NOT appealing!! You are almost 50 and your joints hurt all day. You gotta lose the extra 40lbs you are carrying around!!! Actually, go work out now and then go mow the front lawn... Sounds like a plan!!!! I'm outta here!! :)

    Posted over 3 years ago by pati0561

  • pati0561

    06/06/11 171.4

    Whew... I'm back... I got very very sick... was down for a whole week.... since I moved two rooms of furniture yesterday, I didn't work out this morning but I will be back on the treadmill starting tomorrow morning... I'm going to incorporate 25 sit ups and 25 push ups morning then again at night ... starting tomorrow!! My goal this month is to lose 8 lbs by 06/29... I only lost 4lbs last month ... good but not quite enough!!! You can do this!! You ARE doing this!! By the end of September you will be in the 140s... I'm excited!!! You are doing awesome on the portion control by the way... GO Pati GO!!!!! Yes!!!

    Posted over 3 years ago by pati0561

  • pati0561

    05/19/2011 Thursday

    171.4 right back where i STARTED!! Okay..... don't go overboard with portions and no cherry pie (even if Pete get's mad)!!! control!!!!! Back On Track!!! YESSSS

    Posted over 4 years ago by pati0561


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