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"Talk is just talk it's all about action"

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  • pbstaysfit

    Water is doing its job

    I was so full of water I could barely eat my lunch.

    Posted over 7 years ago by pbstaysfit

  • pbstaysfit

    Day 2 goal started right

    I will not continue to count the days. I will do it for the first two weeks to help me get into a routine. I got up this morning before work and did the Hip Hop Abs Total Body Burn. It was not really hard, but it was enough to get me moving. The most difficult part was the shoulder presses, after a while even the 5 lbs was a little much and I had to put them down. Me being the total jock, at first I was like, what? I cannot handle 5 lbs. Uh, then I recalled even at my fittest, the most I could lift to failure with the shoulders was 12 lbs. Considering I have not done a dang thang in years, what I did this morning was great!! Hopefully my Power 90X stuff arrives today and I will do a 20 run (brr....) tomorrow morning and one of the Power 90X DVDs.

    Posted over 7 years ago by pbstaysfit

  • pbstaysfit

    End of Day 1 goal

    I set a goal to start getting to bed by 10:30 and I met that. It is odd. When I was going to bed at hours of midnight and 1am because of school I slept like a baby. Last night was not the first night that I went to bed at or before 10:30 and I am not sleeping as soundly. Perhaps my body is confused

    Posted over 7 years ago by pbstaysfit

  • pbstaysfit

    Starting now has nothing to do with a new year

    Yes, today is 1/1/2009, a new year, but it is purely a coincidence that I am renewing my healthy life today. I am dedicating today to planning. I did, however, do better about what I fed my body. It is amazing how seeing that pie of my protein, carb, and fat intake made me realize what I was feeding my body. I will take small steps. I had one goal for today. Find a tool I could use for motivation and that I could also access from my iPhone because I love my phone. Today I will also get water AND drink more of it. I have been really bad in that area. Another immediate goal is getting more sleep. I know for a fact, that when I give my body enough rest, I lose weight and have more energy.

    Posted over 7 years ago by pbstaysfit

About Me

In terms of my body, I am someone who grew up thin and active, but once I hit 30 the metabolism slowed down and I gained weight. In 2001 I made fitness and eating healthy part of my life and felt great. In late 2006 I stopped working out regularly, but was able to maintain a happy weight, but in 2007 when I started grad school I slowly then quickly started gaining weight. Now I am at a point where I do not feel good about myself and I cannot fit my clothes, but I refuse to buy new ones. That has not helped in getting me back on track, but that will change today.




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