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"Anything over 7% body fat is obese! A true failure isn't someone who doesn't succeed, but someone who doesn't even try! Being fat and disgusting is a choice! Dream big and without shame!"

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  • razerfish

    Day 2 of fast, Sunday

    Day 2. Going strong. Did a 3-4 mile walk. Too cold to do any exercise plus my legs are sore. Was 184 lbs this morning. I expect to be under 180 lbs in 2 more days. Seems like a 2 lb. drop per day after eating is pretty common. Mostly it's the water coming back off and the food being digested, though without food going back in you, there's no waste (no taking a dump) each day. I think it's a 3-4 day process. Will keep track just out of curiosity.

    Posted over 2 years ago by razerfish

  • razerfish

    Day 1 of Fast

    Saturday.. Did some cardio. Started a fast after eating like a pig on Friday. Started at 187 lbs, a full 7-8 lbs heavier than yesterday. I bet I was 190 lbs after eating a buffet and hydrating like I did.

    Posted over 2 years ago by razerfish

  • razerfish

    Day 3 of fast

    Going strong. No hunger. Will try to squeeze in a bike ride if possible though I'll be working all day. Did 27 miles last night. Will at least get a 3 mile walk in. Weight loss should drop to about 1 lb per day for the next 5-10 days then be even less than that. I figure I need 45 days of pure fasting to reach 160-163, which is about 172-175 "undieted". So 30 lbs of pure fat loss will take about 45 days of fasting and moderate exercise. I figure by day 15 the long bike rides will be too arduous so it's best to get them in while I can and while it's not too cold.

    Posted over 3 years ago by razerfish

  • Motown

    Tracking Progress realistically

    Yo, Do you only use burn when you on a downward trend. I noticed you havent log in since 5-28 and then gained 30 pounds. You do a great job of recording you sucess but need to better job of tracking even when you cheat. That may help you become more accountable during these bidnging periods.

    Posted over 3 years ago by Motown

  • razerfish

    Day 23 of fast

    Slept in late, thankfully. Got up to go to the bathroom and weigh in. Weighed 169 lbs at 9%. Shocked at the 4 lb weight gain but pleased with the drop to 9% body fat. Wish the weight gain was muscle but I know it's just my body holding water from the salt in the pickles I ate yesterday. They have almost no calorie but lots of salt. I feel like ending the fast and just going super low calories since I know how to keep it u[ now, but I feel compelled to keep going for 30 days just to prove something for myself, so I'm going to keep going. I only have a small amount of fat left on my stomach, which is the only thing I really want to get rif of anyway, so I'll do my best to get rid of it by next weekend. I'll continue to monitor my ketones to make sure I'm in Ketosis the rest of the way out since it shows I added weight. I want to be able to prove I've been dropping fat the whole time, which seems impossible if you add 4 lbs in one day, but it's not. I expect to the the water drop suddenly by this weekend and end up at slightly below 160 lbs by next Friday. Depends on how much salt I eat from here on out, or the sugar alcohol in that zero cal dressing.

    Posted over 3 years ago by razerfish

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Being fat and disgusting is a choice, and I no longer choose to be so! Cheers and support to all those who have made the choice with me.

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