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"Anything over 7% body fat is obese! A true failure isn't someone who doesn't succeed, but someone who doesn't even try! Being fat and disgusting is a choice! Dream big and without shame!"

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  • razerfish

    Day 2 of Final Fast (Sept. 17)

    It's actually still day 1 for a few more hours. I weighed myself at 188 (14% bf) when I woke up. I was surprised I wasn't still in the 190's. So I guess I'm down 4lbs since starting yesterday. Since only body fat percentage matters to me, I am more concerned about the 14% measurement. I was hoping to get into the 13%'s consistently, especially as I dip into the 180's more regularly. I have a bike ride with Richard planned for the day plus I plan on lifting weights, so I should be able to drop a full lb of body fat today. Based on past experience, I should see about a 10 lb weight loss over the first three days of my fast, so I'm projecting to be about 182 lbs early next week. Once my glycogen stores are empty and my body is rid of solids, the weight loss will slow to about 3/4 - 1 lbs of weight loss per day. This is based on my prior fasts, though I was heavier then by up to 20 lbs than I am now, so I wouldn't be surprised if these numbers are slightly inflated. Maybe I'll lose 5-8 lbs the first three days and 1/2 - 3/4 lbs of weight loss per day. Worst case scenario would be a total of about 14 lbs. over 20 days. According to my homemade spreadsheet, I can expect to hit my goal at at around October 7th, though it's built to predict body fat percentage and was built last month and not built specifically for this. According to that model, I can expect to lose 14.25 lbs of fat by fasting and still doing enough exercise per day to burn 500 calories per day. That's a very doable thing and that sorta jives with my numbers based on past experience if you factor in the initial water and solid food loss of about 8 lbs. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully as well or better than my 12 day fast. I've struggled to do them recently because it's just so hard to give up food, but I'm committing to this one. 20 days or 20 lbs or 6% body fat, whichever comes first!

    Posted over 4 years ago by razerfish

  • razerfish

    Day 1 of Final Fast! 20 days or 20 lbs!

    Because I completely blew my diet 2 nights ago, I decided to go on a fast yesterday. No diet, just a hardcore fast, though I will supplement protein because I will continue to lift weights throughout. I don't want to actively lose muscle while losing weight, so that seems like a smart idea. I plan to use BCAA powder for this, but may use protein powder, and as a last resort, chicken breast. I'd like to avoid solid food if possible because once you eat, you want to continue. At around 11:00 am, on Sept 16th, my fast began. I downed two Jimmy John's Subs just before, AND MAN DID I ENJOY THE BREAD. That would be considered my last meal. I plan to do this fast until I lose 20 lbs or 20 days, whichever comes first. I think and hope that the 20 lbs comes first, naturally. Officially, that means I need to hit 172, but I'd like to dip into the 160's just because I know from past experience that as soon as you introduce solid foods again, you'll shoot up 10-15 lbs in 2-3 days. Just the muscle and liver glycogen probably account for 7 lbs. So if I did hit, say, 170 lbs even, I'd spring back up to 180 - 185 lbs. Maybe I need to shoot for a 30 lb loss knowing it will only end up being a 15 - 20 lb final loss. I'll play it by ear. As for now I'm committing to 20 days or 20 lbs. If the 20 lbs comes off much sooner, I'll go for 30 lbs or 20 days.

    Posted over 4 years ago by razerfish

  • Motown

    Im Back

    What up Razor Fish. Check out my workouts today. This is my daily workout during the work week. Let's plan a crazy work out next week. I have the 31st off. Lets plan a 9 hour workout. 7 Percent here I come! I almost hit my protein goals today. I am also in Ketosis :)

    Posted over 4 years ago by Motown

  • razerfish

    Aug 15 - Broke fast

    I broke my fast at 3 days. Hunger was getting to me. I jammed about 1150 calories over 2 hours then went to bed so I didn't binge. I'm in light ketosis now and haven't done my cardio yet so I am doing fine. I weighed at about 192 which is good considering the food weight I have inside me plus the water weight the carbs will hold in my muscles. I would like to get under 190 before I check into the clinic on Wednesday though, just as a new PR. I won't be able to diet while there though I'll try and do pushups and burpees.

    Posted over 4 years ago by razerfish

  • razerfish

    Aug 14 - Day 3 of Fast

    Hit 190 after waking up. Not bad. Not quite in deep ketosis at the moment but I think that will change after my bike ride and mountain hike. Feeling hungry. Not sure if I will eat a single meal tonight. If I do it will be high protein low carb, probably steak and lettuce wraps or chicken wraps. That really sounds good. It depends on how much under 190 lbs I am when I get back from my workout. I figure this will burn a good 1000 calories on top of the 2100 I burn just from being alive. Even though I'll be dehydrated, I'd like to see 188 lbs before I put some food in my body. Well, off to go workout.

    Posted over 4 years ago by razerfish

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