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  • Sawta


    late for work. again. FUCK.

    Posted 11 days ago by Sawta

  • Sawta

    bad sleep

    exhausted. 3 hours last night. cat nap this morning. ugh.

    Posted 12 days ago by Sawta

  • Sawta


    I slept for 15 hours last night. What the fuck.

    Posted 23 days ago by Sawta

  • Sawta

    power went out

    power went out in the house. stayed up all night becauses my alarms would not have gone off. no sleep and eating mcdonalds for breakfast is a terrible combination.

    Posted 27 days ago by Sawta

  • Sawta


    Took most of the weekend off of the diet, just so I don't get burned out. I'm trying to keep this going long term so I'm trying to regulate the amount of stuff I take in, while still allowing myself to induldge occasionally, just within reason. I didn't record most of Sunday. Mostly just had some Taco Bell Nacho's and some Starbucks. Nothing crazy. Didn't work out....just trying to ease into this so I don't get sick of it and give up too easily. Hopefully the key to making this work will be not be black and white thinking and more of a grey area. Risk reward type stuff. I don't know...we'll see.

    Posted about 1 month ago by Sawta


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