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  • IronDave

    Thanks for your post!

    Thanks for your note on my journal, I appreciate it. Last thing I wanna do here is give lessons to other. I don't know everything (far from that) and I don't want poeple to think I do, but I still like to share my experience and above all, get other poeple experience. I guess this is how we could all learn more and be better persons. I read that you hurt yourself. Hope you're doing better. I pray everyday I don't get hurt, can't imagine not being able to run, bike, swin or workout every day...

    Posted over 7 years ago by IronDave

  • Sixpack Wannabe


    This sucks! Since I hurt my ankle, I'm not able to run or do leg workouts! Its hard enough to do normal workouts. I was trying to keep it well supported with a soft brace and do light cycling, but a podiatrist friend of mine basically called me an idiot. I have to stay off of it totally. Crap. So now I'm pouting and blew off my Friday workout and ate like crap all weekend. Stupid, I know. But I am going back to the gym today and will do my normal chest and back workout. I gotta get back in there. I was in such a good groove with my workouts and eating lately that I can't let this blow that. I can already tell that my food "slip ups" have taken a toll. Not looking forward to the scale. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.

    Posted over 7 years ago by Sixpack Wannabe

  • Sixpack Wannabe


    Well, my lower back is much better. Actually doing back extensions and full Romanian deadlifts again. But went for a run last night and rolled my left foot off a curb. I heard a sound like some cracking their knuckles in my ankle. Prolly a sprain. Its nicely swollen. Looks like half of a softball covering my ankle. Damn!

    Posted over 7 years ago by Sixpack Wannabe

  • Sixpack Wannabe

    lower back

    Tweaked lower back last Thursday during workout. Hurt like hell until yesterday. Felt better today. Went without ibuprofen this morning and was fine. Decided to do workout taking it easy on lower back exercises. No problems with any of the chest or back exercises. Especially worried about Bent-over Barbell Rows. Went fine. Lower back is a little tired right now, but showed be fine. Plan on doing some stretching this evening. Will continue to take it easy for the next week.

    Posted over 7 years ago by Sixpack Wannabe

  • Sixpack Wannabe


    Gave myself one month to lower my cholesterol before I go in to see my doctor. Doing pretty good. Eating a lot less carbs, just oatmeal in the morning and a small amount at lunch. Usually none for dinner. Also taking the cholesterol shots (forget the name) and fish oil pills (4/day - 800(?) mg).

    Posted over 7 years ago by Sixpack Wannabe


Sex: Male

Age: 47

Weight: 241 lbs

Height: 6ft 4in (193 cm)



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