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  • StarSongs

    Kind of proud of myself...

    I'm not usually one for delayed gratification. When I see something I want I have to have it immediately. So, I'm pretty psyched about my behavior this morning. A coworker brought it these fantastic chocolate covered strawberries she was gifted recently. She wanted us all to eat them ASAP as the strawberries don't last long and they were just starting to turn. I had choices. 1. Eat the strawberry goodness right now, against the rules of my diet. 2. Not eat one at all, missing out while my coworkers raved about how delicious they are and privately sulk. 3. Save one. So, I took a strawberry, wrapped it up, and popped it in the freezer at work. Tonight I'm bringing it home to transfer to my own freezer and I'll be eating it on Saturday's cheat day. Perfect! And it was easier to deny myself the dessert now knowing I still get to have it, just not today. So much easier than giving up foods entirely. Tim Ferriss is a damn genius!

    Posted over 5 years ago by StarSongs

  • StarSongs

    I can guarantee this day is shot....

    But I'm still determined to eat a healthy dinner. I should have known this would be a bad day to start my diet. Today was my first day back to work since my birthday so my coworkers just surprised me with a Fudgie The Whale ice cream cake. The birthday girl or boy is expected to eat the entire tail while everyone else shares the rest. That's like 3 slices of ice cream cake in one sitting. I kind of feel like I'm about to be sick, but I'll soldier on. I'm still drinking lots of water and will have my slow carb dinner as scheduled. That, and prepare my lunch for tomorrow. Back on the wagon ASAP. One huge plus, the idea of sweets past this point makes me nauseous. No one should eat that much ice cream cake. No one. Not even on cheat day. Ugh.

    Posted over 5 years ago by StarSongs

  • StarSongs

    Day 1 of Slow Carb Diet

    So far I think my first day of Slow Carb is off to a good start. My breakfast was healthy (though I did have some non-fat creamer in my coffee) and I prepared my lunch for today last night. I also came into work today to find a banana on my desk and haven't eaten it yet. Fruit isn't allowed on this program and I really love bananas. I'm going to bring it home today and stick it in my freezer I think. I also plan to buy a heart rate monitor today and work out on my elliptical a bit, enjoying the view of my brand new flat screen!

    Posted over 5 years ago by StarSongs

About Me

Having successfully lost weight before, I know I can do it, but college and office life quickly allowed the pounds to come back on. It certainly didn't help that past weight loss was done with intense calorie restriction and intense workouts. I'm trying to do things in a more healthy way this time around.


Sex: Female

Age: 32

Weight: 165.4 lbs

Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm)