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  • worknmom23

    Goal weight vs. nutrition goals

    Hi - I was wondering if there's some way to enter one weight into your locker room body tracker so you can set up incremental goals (say 10lbs at a time) but a different weight in your nutrition goals so that ti will calculate the food values you need to eat to reach your ultimate goal. For example, I'd like to enter smaller goals in my Goal Weight on the locker room page, but I want to follow the nutritional plan to lose a total of 95lbs, not 10lbs. Is this possible to customize? Thanks.

    Posted over 7 years ago by worknmom23

  • jeremygentles

    estimating caloric expenditure

    Hey Stephen, I was just wondering what Gyminee uses to estimate caloric expenditure during exercise (for cardio and strength training). Is it based on MET values, estimating work based on body mass and distance, etc? thanks.

    Posted over 7 years ago by jeremygentles

  • IanMikutel

    iPhone App Usability Testing

    Hey Stephen, I have professional experience in the usability field and would be happy to help test and give some feedback on your iPhone app thus far. Let me know if you're interested.

    Posted over 7 years ago by IanMikutel

  • andrewbadera

    Windows Mobile

    hi Stephen, I'd be interested in working on/contributing to a Windows Mobile app for the site.

    Posted over 7 years ago by andrewbadera

  • sporty


    How do you become a contributor to the site? I wanted to speak with you maybe through email or phone as I am creating a healthy E-book of recipes that I would love to have you offer your members for free. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks Traci

    Posted over 7 years ago by sporty


Sex: Male

Age: 31

Weight: 175 lbs

Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm)




(My goal is 25 reps)


(My goal is 65 reps)