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  • jbriques

    follow up to forum post

    Susan - Thanks a lot for the feedback on my forum post. I'm slowly getting rid of processed foods. I feel really wasteful throwing all of the processed food in my house away, because it's pretty much all I used to eat, so I'm eating small amounts of it with better foods like vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. I'm still not sure of how many calories I should be consuming each day, so if you could help me with that I'd be really grateful. Right now I'm around 185-190 pounds, 5"5' and 20 years old.

    Posted over 6 years ago by jbriques

  • passionfruit


    Thank you for your reply, Susan. I definitely look forward to reading your new articles on inflammation. I am a big fan of your catapult fitness articles and the sources you refer to in them. In response to your helpful comments: I am just trying to regain that balanced outlook-- the reason for which I wanted to get healthier in the first place. I sort of started wobbling off balance over the past couple of weeks and getting a little freaked by that. (Feeling unconfident in my slimmer body-- like my sense of identity had been wrapped up in being a beautiful but not slim person; feeling deprived of favorite treat foods; testing the waters with eating even more and exercising even more than that and continuing up up up on that trend until it took too much time away from my other daily activities-- like studying medicine!)... I definitely want to be healthy and keep eating "clean" -- it is just that some voice in my mind/body was threatening to over-ride that. I feel more focused and back on track at this moment, and it has been really helpful to be able to voice this to you, Susan-- my online nutritionist confidant. Also, I am working on giving myself loving comments-- like, "great work, you have come a long way, keep it up, and let yourself have those 10%-foods such as a small piece of chocolate cake at your birthday party or a glass of wine, and stop berating yourself." Simple self-talk. On a more specific note, I just want to make sure what you'd advise: Would you recommend I consume a net of about 1700 cals now for weight maintainance? Keeping in mind the numbers really helped me lose the weight, and I think keeping in mind the numbers (and all my healthy habits) will help me stay where I am.

    Posted over 6 years ago by passionfruit

  • passionfruit

    And a follow up

    I decided to keep my dinner date and have a normal-feeling dinner of a small portion of tofu and a nice portion of a clear-broth Asian soup with veggies. I came home and had to tell myself again and again not to give in and eat junk all night. (I was crazing a Cliff Kidz chocolate bar). I drank some tea and planned my meals for tomorrow. So, I am back on track at least in this moment. Ready to make some revisions so that I don't feel so extreme, which unfortunately has the first cousin: Out-of-control.

    Posted over 6 years ago by passionfruit

  • passionfruit


    And if I wanted to stay where I am, at 5' 4.5'' and 123 lbs, how many calories should I consume? I have been aiming for 1400 NET calories (so, 2000 on days I burn 800 cals) and over the past couple weeks my net has been about 1550 de facto. What should I aim for now, to MAINTAIN, would you say?

    Posted over 6 years ago by passionfruit

  • passionfruit

    In need of motivation

    Dear Susan. Thank you for your response a couple weeks ago about what to do when sick. You're right for sure-- in retrospect, I have no problem seeing that taking a week or two off to heal is a very good for the body and mind. At the time, it's easy to worry that time away from the gym means "lost" time, rather than "healing" time. I am writing now because I have lost dailyburn steam. As you'll see on my log, I slowly started to amp up my exercising because I started biking (uphill in San Francisco) to school each day on top of my spinning and weights. I was feeling great, and eating lots of fun yet very healthy foods. My initial goal, three months ago, was the lose 3-5 lbs for a college reunion (to 127 lbs), and I lost much more than that! I changed my goal to be to weight 120lbs, as you might recall. I've been around 122-124 for a month now. The problem is that since the day after the reunion, I have lost motivation. Lost steam. I still work out a lot, but it feels a bit more disordered, to be honest. I work out and then I eat crap (pecan bar, cereal bar, falafel today, Mexican chicken--instead of the veggies and nuts and chicken I'd packed for lunch!). Then I add up all my calories on dailyburn (and delete the healthful lunch I'd planned on eating) and then I want to skip the dinner date I'd had for that night. Another bad habit that verges on "binging" (a very scary word) is that I eat well all day and log my food, and then come 10pm if my boyfriend is not home, I eat 700 calories of all the health food I have in the house (oatmeal, luna bar, lowfat cheese, popco rn).This is not the healthful lifestyle I aim to achieve and stick with. It is like I got obsessed with Dailyburn, and my reunion came and went, and now I am stuck and my body is begging me to gain back the weight-- that's what it feels like, anyhow, at 10pm on one of those bad nights. Trying to think all this through: I have a week on the beach in August, so I thought that could be my next goal-- to stay strong and lean at 123lbs through August. Then, come September, I could try to go down to 120 if I want to. Would you recommend that plan? Taking a few months off of trying to lose weight? Also, do you have any words of reassurance or advise as to what's been happening to me after 3 incredibly fun and successful months of Gyminee and now these binging and over-exercising days? Thanks, Susan. All the best.

    Posted over 6 years ago by passionfruit

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