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  • StevenG

    Kinda quite in this locker room :)

    Hey Suzzy, not seeing any activity or a weigh in for a while. You are probably busy and maybe even traveling, but don't let that stop you from getting in some workout time. Good luck this week. SG

    Posted over 7 years ago by StevenG

  • StevenG

    Good on you!

    Made it happen five days this week Suzzy, fantastic.

    Posted over 7 years ago by StevenG

  • Suzzy

    Goals for next week

    Time to shake things up and will try better to track my progress here. Motivation to move peeps where are you!?!

    Posted over 7 years ago by Suzzy

  • Suzzy

    Lots to learn about this site

    Computer dummy here but I cant figure out how to track my floor exercises!?! Regular Girlie Push ups, jumping jacks, all types of ab work outs, and goodness cant forget lunges!?! Help, help, help!!!

    Posted over 7 years ago by Suzzy


Sex: Female

Age: 52

Weight: 146 lbs

Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm)



Body Weight

(I want to decrease by 16 lbs)