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"Never lose sight of tomorrow's dream trying to deal with today's reality"

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  • tarthur227

    What to eat now....

    Using some of my "It Works" products. Drinking 2 ProFit Shakes per day and eating one meal. Nothing special. If I need to snack it is fruit, vegetable or "Greens Chews". Wish me luck this week!!!!

    Posted about 1 year ago by tarthur227

  • tarthur227

    Funeral Day

    Funeral today with a luncheon. So....I just ate dinner too. Did not eat the Hershey's kiss though. Back on track tomorrow.

    Posted about 1 year ago by tarthur227

  • tarthur227

    Back again

    Here I am again. Just can't seem to get past this last 40 - 50 pounds to be under 200. Going to try smaller. More food. I think I have a habit of not feeding my body enough or as often as I need to . Let's see how this goes!

    Posted about 1 year ago by tarthur227

  • dresendez1

    Great JOB!

    Looked at ur pics and graph.. that's awesome keep up the hard work!!

    Posted over 3 years ago by dresendez1

  • shelia72


    It has been a slow process, but when I wasn't progressing in weight loss, I focused on progressing in my exercising. I am still in the mindset that I want to lose weight, but my main goal is being a healthier me. Losing weight is the perk of being a healthier me. Still wish the weight came off as fast as I gained it....heck, I would settle for half as fast. lol

    Posted over 3 years ago by shelia72

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