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  • tjokker71


    Time to rest, stick to your goals and don't listen to the people that want you to fail. Living healthy is easy, getting to single digit fat percentages not easy.Stay focused, keep Pain no Gain...

    Posted 5 months ago by tjokker71

  • tjokker71


    4% body fat to loose, starting to get some momentum in getting back to that 9-10% range. Blood sweat and tears ;-) iGIT

    Posted about 1 year ago by tjokker71

  • tjokker71

    Hungry...very hungry

    Not eating for 5 days.....lost 3.1kg in 2 days...3 more to go

    Posted over 2 years ago by tjokker71

  • tjokker71

    Still battling.....

    Comfort Eating.....because of a broken heart not helping to maintain my goals! Contributing to not feeling great!!

    Posted over 3 years ago by tjokker71

  • tjokker71

    Fighting bacon

    Goth the bit between my teeth and really hanging on to loose another 4-5% fat....

    Posted over 3 years ago by tjokker71


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