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"Loving life and living Love...."

I Ran 100 Miles! I Did 1,000 Pushups! I Did 1,000 Pushups! I Lost 5 Lbs! I Lost 20 Lbs! I Lost 5 Lbs! I Lost 10 Lbs!
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  • two10eleven

    Back at it...

    Living in Thailand I have gained quite a bit of weight after working so hard to loose it 2 years ago before we came. Now I'm back in saddle and trying to eat healthier and run more. Feeling better already! Sadly, not too much Thai food is listed on the site yet...

    Posted over 5 years ago by two10eleven

  • two10eleven

    Vacation is over with :-(

    We're home. We went on a cruise for a week in the Caribbean... Now we are back in Indiana and it is FREAKING SNOWING!!!! Diet starts again tomorrow... WooHoo!!!!

    Posted over 6 years ago by two10eleven

  • krstnck


    That's why it took me 40 minutes ;). I pushed it the week before and got the same injuries!!! Be careful

    Posted over 6 years ago by krstnck

  • krstnck


    24 minute 5K!!! I just did a 5K for cancer and snailed it at almost double your pace. Way to go!

    Posted over 6 years ago by krstnck

  • witeowl

    Gadgets & Runnng

    Don't you love the motivation new gadgets can provide? But be careful... crunching numbers can be addicting! :) Nice job on the running. You're missed in the challenge, but I look forward to seeing you high up on the other running leaderboards. You are really rocking!

    Posted over 6 years ago by witeowl


Sex: Male

Age: 31

Weight: 79.2 kg

Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)