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  • sammyshambles

    Im exhausted...

    ..just Googling HIIT and Tabata wore me out...what are they all about? I read it all and thought 'are folk mad' and then had this strange urge to try it...maybe after a stone or two has disappeared...I could see a heart attack waiting to happen if I tried it now!! Do you do anything like that?? Yup, have a fitness partner, although she is fairly lazy and now hides from me when I get the lead out in the morning...I shall try eating egg whites, and bribing her with the yolks after her walks! The egg yolk/white thing has been making me wonder for days...Im wondering if sometimes I think too much about stuff too small!!! xx

    Posted over 6 years ago by sammyshambles

  • sammyshambles

    Nail biting pictures...

    ...ok, your on...if I ever do get so supple that I can really bite my toenails I will post a pic...therapy will be closly followed not only by me but all who see posted pic!!! Its true none of us have got it all figured...but it is good if folk actually listen to what is said...everyone has different things to give...thats why we are here, to learn what other people know and teach others what we know...maybe if some others 'think' they know it all they are in the wrong place...oooh, now Im stamping my feet for ya as well!!! Just looking at your weight chart...its like a downhill ski slope...what is your secret woman, its brilliant...I cant wait for mine to look like that! Hope you are soon feeling better...the ol' sinus thing is pretty painful. xx

    Posted over 6 years ago by sammyshambles

  • slaphappy155


    I really like my dietician. I've known her since about 2003/2004. Her approach is to find out how you live your life, and then look at ways to tweak what you're already doing to get results - rather than suggesting you conform to some kind of ideal. And she doesn't advocate any particular diet or approach - which was very important to me. She's quite well regarded in the industry as well - and a great personality so there's always a few good laughs to be had with each appointment. As for dark leafy greens - you're right and I was a bit disappointed to have to scale back the greens in my smoothie. However, I will try they agave nectar and see how it works for me - and make a point to ask her about it next week. I've seen it - but never used it. As for the iron - she did say that some people have a spinach salad every day and have no problem with iron. So... it's really up to the individual. She told me not to worry about it unless I start to show a deficiency but that the kale had higher nutritional value so if I didn't mind switching it out then it wouldn't be a bad thing. Hope you are feeling better soon. When I was sick in February I still went to my workouts with my trainer, though he had me doing stretching mostly - often just lying on my back. However, it kept me moving even if only a little bit and I think it helped with the aches and pains that go along with being under the weather.

    Posted over 6 years ago by slaphappy155

  • witeowl


    Ugh... Can't wait until I'm better. I am absolutely beat and my sinuses are a mess. I should try to at least take a walk outside tomorrow. I think that'll be good for me on more than one level.

    Posted over 6 years ago by witeowl

  • sammyshambles

    Foot stamping!!

    Started reading your blog yesterday...its great...if I hadnt have had to go and feed the family...who seem to insist, quite unreasonably, on being fed at regular intervals, I would have kept reading, but I shall get back to it asap!! Out of womanly curiostiy...sometimes mistaken as nosiness...I had to go and find what and who had said the 'rediculous' word...and yep, can see why you are stamping them there feet...go for it!! xx

    Posted over 6 years ago by sammyshambles

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