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Chipotle Hard Tacos View Details

Chipotle Hard Tacos by Chipotle (3 tacos)

Calories: 570, Total Fat: 23g, Total Carbs: 47g, Protein: 46g

Ty Burrito Chipotle View Details

Ty Burrito Chipotle by Chipotle (1)

Calories: 775, Total Fat: 28g, Total Carbs: 114g, Protein: 22g

Chipotle - The Will View Details

Chipotle - The Will by Chipotle (1 Burrito)

Calories: 885, Total Fat: 28g, Total Carbs: 102g, Protein: 64g

Steak Bowl Chipotle View Details

Steak Bowl Chipotle by Chipotle (1 Bowl)

Calories: 465, Total Fat: 28g, Total Carbs: 14g, Protein: 41g

Chipotle Bowl Light View Details

Chipotle Bowl Light by Chipotle (12oz)

Calories: 505, Total Fat: 24g, Total Carbs: 41g, Protein: 38g

Veggie Chipotle Bol View Details

Veggie Chipotle Bol by Chipotle (24.5 oz)

Calories: 620, Total Fat: 25.5g, Total Carbs: 78g, Protein: 30g

Niz's Chipotle Bowl View Details

Niz's Chipotle Bowl by Chipotle (1 bowl)

Calories: 805, Total Fat: 25g, Total Carbs: 80g, Protein: 65g

Rey's Chipotle Bowl View Details

Rey's Chipotle Bowl by Chipotle (1)

Calories: 895, Total Fat: 44g, Total Carbs: 72g, Protein: 56g

vegan chipotle View Details

vegan chipotle by fing chipotle (1 bowl)

Calories: 505, Total Fat: 19g, Total Carbs: 73g, Protein: 15g

Chipotle Soft Tacos View Details

Chipotle Soft Tacos by chipotle (3 Tacos)

Calories: 735, Total Fat: 36g, Total Carbs: 52g, Protein: 49g

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