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Organic Blueberry And Flax Granola View Details

Organic Blueberry And Flax Granola by Wegmans (1/4 cup)

Calories: 140, Total Fat: 4g, Total Carbs: 22g, Protein: 3g

Granola Berry And Orange View Details

Granola Berry And Orange by Marks And Spencer (30g)

Calories: 111, Total Fat: 2.5g, Total Carbs: 2g, Protein: 2.16g

Strawberry Granola Bites View Details

Strawberry Granola Bites by Rickland Orchards (11 pieces)

Calories: 190, Total Fat: 9g, Total Carbs: 23g, Protein: 5g

NutBerry Maple Granola View Details

NutBerry Maple Granola by Nature's Indulgence (1/3 cup)

Calories: 200, Total Fat: 12g, Total Carbs: 20g, Protein: 5g

Wild Berry Granola Chips View Details

Wild Berry Granola Chips by Willamette Valley (28grams)

Calories: 110, Total Fat: 2g, Total Carbs: 23g, Protein: 2g

Strawberry Granola Rice Krispies View Details

Strawberry Granola Rice Krispies by Kellogg's (90)

Calories: 90, Total Fat: 2g, Total Carbs: 17g, Protein: 1g

Strawberry Banana Hemp Granola View Details

Strawberry Banana Hemp Granola by Meteorbites (1 pack (30g))

Calories: 110, Total Fat: 2.5g, Total Carbs: 16g, Protein: 4g

Granola Apple Crisp View Details

Granola Apple Crisp by Gluten Free Sensations (1/3 cup)

Calories: 120, Total Fat: 4.5g, Total Carbs: 18g, Protein: 2g

Oats N Honey Granola View Details

Oats N Honey Granola by Casadian Farm Organic (1 cup)

Calories: 290, Total Fat: 6g, Total Carbs: 45g, Protein: 5g

Chocolate Caramel Granola Snacks View Details

Chocolate Caramel Granola Snacks by Snackergy (1)

Calories: 130, Total Fat: 3g, Total Carbs: 14g, Protein: 11g

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