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Banana Bread View Details

Banana Bread by Homemade (Hansen) (1 loaf)

Calories: 1328, Total Fat: 5g, Total Carbs: 308g, Protein: 24.8g

JC Low Fat Banana Bread View Details

JC Low Fat Banana Bread (633 grams)

Calories: 1904, Total Fat: 61.6g, Total Carbs: 307g, Protein: 37g

Banana Foster Ice Cream View Details

Banana Foster Ice Cream by Me (1 quart)

Calories: 3240, Total Fat: 203g, Total Carbs: 290g, Protein: 61g

Sj Quinoa Banana Bread View Details

Sj Quinoa Banana Bread by Mine (1 loaf)

Calories: 1509, Total Fat: 17g, Total Carbs: 289g, Protein: 59g

CW - Banana Bread View Details

CW - Banana Bread by Betty Crocker (1 Loaf)

Calories: 1680, Total Fat: 48g, Total Carbs: 288g, Protein: 24g

Sugarless Banana Muffins View Details

Sugarless Banana Muffins by Homemade (919 g)

Calories: 1423, Total Fat: 13.7g, Total Carbs: 285.5g, Protein: 42.5g

Banana Blueberry Orange Smoothie View Details

Banana Blueberry Orange Smoothie by Vitamix (1 1/2 Cups)

Calories: 295, Total Fat: 11.82g, Total Carbs: 268.91g, Protein: 14.78g

Banana Bread w Coconut Oil View Details

Banana Bread w Coconut Oil by Lindsey's (1 Loaf)

Calories: 1420, Total Fat: 70.2g, Total Carbs: 252.75g, Protein: 29.75g

Banana Pudding Icecream View Details

Banana Pudding Icecream (1 Container)

Calories: 1472, Total Fat: 52.9g, Total Carbs: 230.13g, Protein: 29.96g

Fruit, frozen strawberries and bananas View Details

Fruit, frozen strawberries and bananas by Dole (8 oz)

Calories: 90, Total Fat: 0g, Total Carbs: 220g, Protein: 0g

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