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Bisquick Pumpkin Bars View Details

Bisquick Pumpkin Bars (1 bar)

Calories: 81, Total Fat: 3.33g, Total Carbs: 12.33g, Protein: 1.04g

Broccoli Bacon Bisquick Quiche View Details

Broccoli Bacon Bisquick Quiche (1/8th of pie)

Calories: 325, Total Fat: 21.63g, Total Carbs: 12.54g, Protein: 18.11g

Taco Bake with Bisquick View Details

Taco Bake with Bisquick (1 slice)

Calories: 258, Total Fat: 16.24g, Total Carbs: 12.54g, Protein: 14.72g

Pancakes View Details

Pancakes by Bisquick - Heart Smart (1 pancake)

Calories: 73, Total Fat: 1.6g, Total Carbs: 12.6g, Protein: 2.5g

Bisquick Broccoli Quiche View Details

Bisquick Broccoli Quiche (1 slice)

Calories: 196, Total Fat: 11.26g, Total Carbs: 12.65g, Protein: 10.2g

Bisquick Gluten-Free pancakes View Details

Bisquick Gluten-Free pancakes (1 pancake)

Calories: 105, Total Fat: 4.62g, Total Carbs: 12.67g, Protein: 2.97g

!!!MAL Pancakes made with Bisquick View Details

!!!MAL Pancakes made with Bisquick (1 pancake)

Calories: 88, Total Fat: 2.89g, Total Carbs: 12.69g, Protein: 2.78g

Oven Fried Ranch Drumsticks View Details

Oven Fried Ranch Drumsticks by Bisquick (2 drums)

Calories: 270, Total Fat: 12g, Total Carbs: 13g, Protein: 28g

Protein Rich Chocolate Bisquick Pancakes View Details

Protein Rich Chocolate Bisquick Pancakes (2 pancakes)

Calories: 88, Total Fat: 1.21g, Total Carbs: 13.1g, Protein: 6.44g

Bisquick Original Pancakes View Details

Bisquick Original Pancakes by Bisquick (1 pancake)

Calories: 104, Total Fat: 4.3g, Total Carbs: 13.3g, Protein: 3.1g

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