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Perkins Chicken Crisp Dinner View Details

Perkins Chicken Crisp Dinner by Perkins (1 Plate)

Calories: 1960, Total Fat: 138g, Total Carbs: 123g, Protein: 63g

Blackened Chicken Alfredo (roll not included) View Details

Blackened Chicken Alfredo (roll not included) by Champps Americana (1)

Calories: 1969, Total Fat: 137g, Total Carbs: 106g, Protein: 80g

Whole Roast chicken View Details

Whole Roast chicken by robs (1.8 kg)

Calories: 2322, Total Fat: 136.8g, Total Carbs: 9.6g, Protein: 246g

Spinach, Artichoke, and Chicken Penne Sauce View Details

Spinach, Artichoke, and Chicken Penne Sauce (1/4 Recipe)

Calories: 2358, Total Fat: 135.33g, Total Carbs: 159.17g, Protein: 91.14g

Chicken Pot Pie, Fresh View Details

Chicken Pot Pie, Fresh by Claim Jumpers (1)

Calories: 2188, Total Fat: 135g, Total Carbs: 184g, Protein: 58g

chicken spinach casserol View Details

chicken spinach casserol (all)

Calories: 2155, Total Fat: 134.31g, Total Carbs: 67.72g, Protein: 166.78g

Chicken Mushroom Fettucini View Details

Chicken Mushroom Fettucini by Elephant Bar (1)

Calories: 1920, Total Fat: 134g, Total Carbs: 103g, Protein: 56g

kelsey's chicken wings View Details

kelsey's chicken wings by Kelsey's (610g)

Calories: 2000, Total Fat: 134g, Total Carbs: 7g, Protein: 191g

Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla-Regular View Details

Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla-Regular by Outback (1 Quesadilla)

Calories: 2140, Total Fat: 132.7g, Total Carbs: 128g, Protein: 107.6g

Chicken Salad MM View Details

Chicken Salad MM (1/4)

Calories: 2430, Total Fat: 130.47g, Total Carbs: 133.96g, Protein: 187.72g

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