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Adam's Russian Chicken View Details

Adam's Russian Chicken (1 Breast)

Calories: 692, Total Fat: 33.54g, Total Carbs: 72.64g, Protein: 28.39g

Adam's chicken salad View Details

Adam's chicken salad by Chop'd (1)

Calories: 354, Total Fat: 15.09g, Total Carbs: 20.55g, Protein: 22.36g

Adam's chicken stirfry View Details

Adam's chicken stirfry (1 plate)

Calories: 440, Total Fat: 13g, Total Carbs: 13.4g, Protein: 61.4g

Adam10 chicken salad sandwhich View Details

Adam10 chicken salad sandwhich (1 cup)

Calories: 579, Total Fat: 26.07g, Total Carbs: 51.26g, Protein: 38.06g

Adams Herbed Chicken and Pepper Sandwich View Details

Adams Herbed Chicken and Pepper Sandwich (1 Sandwich)

Calories: 656, Total Fat: 44.28g, Total Carbs: 41.87g, Protein: 23.63g

Adams Magnificant Chicken Burrito View Details

Adams Magnificant Chicken Burrito by Chipotle (1 Burrito)

Calories: 845, Total Fat: 37g, Total Carbs: 74g, Protein: 53g

Adams chicken ensenada platter View Details

Adams chicken ensenada platter by Red Robin (1 platter)

Calories: 359, Total Fat: 8g, Total Carbs: 11g, Protein: 61g

Add Chicken View Details

Add Chicken by Macaroni Grill (1 add-on)

Calories: 180, Total Fat: 0g, Total Carbs: 2g, Protein: 41g

Add-Chicken View Details

Add-Chicken by The Plant (1)

Calories: 105, Total Fat: 2g, Total Carbs: 0g, Protein: 21g

Ade's Chicken Sandwich View Details

Ade's Chicken Sandwich (One)

Calories: 194, Total Fat: 3.4g, Total Carbs: 30.2g, Protein: 13.8g

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