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Chia Apple Swiss Oatmeal View Details

Chia Apple Swiss Oatmeal (1 parfait)

Calories: 336, Total Fat: 6.58g, Total Carbs: 54.58g, Protein: 15.54g

Apple flaxseed oatmeal View Details

Apple flaxseed oatmeal (1 bowl)

Calories: 272, Total Fat: 7.49g, Total Carbs: 54.58g, Protein: 10.43g

Banana Chocolate Refrigerator Oatmeal View Details

Banana Chocolate Refrigerator Oatmeal (1 jar)

Calories: 383, Total Fat: 6.34g, Total Carbs: 54.58g, Protein: 29.94g

Tralea's SLOW COOKER OATMEAL View Details


Calories: 318, Total Fat: 6.52g, Total Carbs: 54.56g, Protein: 11.23g

Homemade Pumpkin Oatmeal View Details

Homemade Pumpkin Oatmeal (2 cups)

Calories: 299, Total Fat: 19.06g, Total Carbs: 54.54g, Protein: 12.98g

HG S'mores Oatmeal with Protein View Details

HG S'mores Oatmeal with Protein (1 bowl)

Calories: 373, Total Fat: 9.93g, Total Carbs: 54.53g, Protein: 17.5g

Baked Oatmeal Berry Banana Pancake View Details

Baked Oatmeal Berry Banana Pancake (1 pancake)

Calories: 425, Total Fat: 13.27g, Total Carbs: 54.53g, Protein: 25.77g

Apple Flax Spice Oatmeal View Details

Apple Flax Spice Oatmeal (1 Bowl)

Calories: 402, Total Fat: 13.11g, Total Carbs: 54.52g, Protein: 19.32g

Basic Oatmeal (PW) View Details

Basic Oatmeal (PW) (1 serving)

Calories: 415, Total Fat: 8g, Total Carbs: 54.5g, Protein: 31.5g

Oatmeal and Apples View Details

Oatmeal and Apples (1 bowl)

Calories: 271, Total Fat: 4.75g, Total Carbs: 54.5g, Protein: 9g

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