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Aunt Bessies 12 Yorkshie Puds Cj View Details

Aunt Bessies 12 Yorkshie Puds Cj by Aunt Bessies (per pudding)

Calories: 59, Total Fat: 1.8g, Total Carbs: 8.7g, Protein: 2g

Avacado Banana Berry Pudding View Details

Avacado Banana Berry Pudding (1/3 of recipe)

Calories: 229, Total Fat: 11.74g, Total Carbs: 24.12g, Protein: 10.83g

Avocado Chocolate Pudding EAS View Details

Avocado Chocolate Pudding EAS (1/2 cup)

Calories: 131, Total Fat: 8.09g, Total Carbs: 16.63g, Protein: 3.78g

Avocado chocolate pudding View Details

Avocado chocolate pudding (1/2 recipe)

Calories: 288, Total Fat: 12.92g, Total Carbs: 45.39g, Protein: 3.46g

Awesome Bread Pudding View Details

Awesome Bread Pudding (1/12 of the batch)

Calories: 511, Total Fat: 30.79g, Total Carbs: 46.96g, Protein: 8.03g

BELSOY Soy pudding Chocolate View Details

BELSOY Soy pudding Chocolate by Belsoy (125 grams)

Calories: 120, Total Fat: 2g, Total Carbs: 21g, Protein: 4g

BFL Protein Pudding View Details

BFL Protein Pudding (1)

Calories: 170, Total Fat: 4.5g, Total Carbs: 19.5g, Protein: 10g

BHG bread pudding View Details

BHG bread pudding (1 )

Calories: 213, Total Fat: 6.13g, Total Carbs: 20.09g, Protein: 7.02g

BJN Chocolate Pudding View Details

BJN Chocolate Pudding (1/4)

Calories: 130, Total Fat: 8.38g, Total Carbs: 5.5g, Protein: 7.75g

Babyfood, dessert, banana pudding, strained (1 jar Beech-Nut Stage 2 (4 oz)) View Details

Babyfood, dessert, banana pudding, strained (1 jar Beech-Nut Stage 2 (4 oz)) (1 jar Beech-Nut Stage 2 (4 oz) (113g)) USDA

Calories: 76, Total Fat: 0.9g, Total Carbs: 15.98g, Protein: 1.13g

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