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WB Quinoa Edamame Tomato Salad View Details

WB Quinoa Edamame Tomato Salad (1/5 Recipe)

Calories: 375, Total Fat: 17.45g, Total Carbs: 40.76g, Protein: 14.56g

Carrie's Moroccan Quinoa View Details

Carrie's Moroccan Quinoa (1 cup)

Calories: 303, Total Fat: 13.43g, Total Carbs: 40.75g, Protein: 9.66g

Sweet Potato and Quinoa Soup - the Healthy Apple View Details

Sweet Potato and Quinoa Soup - the Healthy Apple (1 bowl)

Calories: 220, Total Fat: 3.84g, Total Carbs: 40.74g, Protein: 4.64g

Moroccan Cinnamon Quinoa Salad View Details

Moroccan Cinnamon Quinoa Salad (1.5 cups)

Calories: 357, Total Fat: 18.92g, Total Carbs: 40.7g, Protein: 9.63g

Quinoa Tempeh Fried Rice View Details

Quinoa Tempeh Fried Rice (1 cup)

Calories: 572, Total Fat: 31.19g, Total Carbs: 40.69g, Protein: 27.7g

ZES Quinoa Lunch View Details

ZES Quinoa Lunch (1)

Calories: 385, Total Fat: 14.42g, Total Carbs: 40.67g, Protein: 20.43g

Kellys Quinoa with black beans and beef View Details

Kellys Quinoa with black beans and beef (250 g)

Calories: 264, Total Fat: 3.54g, Total Carbs: 40.61g, Protein: 20.5g

Cheesy Quinoa Cakes View Details

Cheesy Quinoa Cakes (1)

Calories: 352, Total Fat: 15.32g, Total Carbs: 40.59g, Protein: 14.67g

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers View Details

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers (2 half peppers)

Calories: 421, Total Fat: 22.99g, Total Carbs: 40.59g, Protein: 15.68g

SS Quinoa Salad View Details

SS Quinoa Salad (1)

Calories: 305, Total Fat: 13.27g, Total Carbs: 40.57g, Protein: 7.64g

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