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Cranberry Quinoa Salad View Details

Cranberry Quinoa Salad (1/2 cup)

Calories: 226, Total Fat: 11.66g, Total Carbs: 27.46g, Protein: 5.44g

Quinoa and Fagioli soup View Details

Quinoa and Fagioli soup (1 cup)

Calories: 218, Total Fat: 5.16g, Total Carbs: 27.49g, Protein: 17.41g

Quinoa, chickpeas, and tomato View Details

Quinoa, chickpeas, and tomato by Barbara Light (1 cup (1/6 recipe))

Calories: 170, Total Fat: 5g, Total Carbs: 27.5g, Protein: 6.2g

Chicken Butternut Squash Quinoa Stew View Details

Chicken Butternut Squash Quinoa Stew (1.5 cup)

Calories: 295, Total Fat: 9.16g, Total Carbs: 27.51g, Protein: 26.0g

Quinoa macaroni and cheese View Details

Quinoa macaroni and cheese (1)

Calories: 345, Total Fat: 22.96g, Total Carbs: 27.54g, Protein: 18.15g

Spanish Quinoa and Vegetables by Kurt View Details

Spanish Quinoa and Vegetables by Kurt (1 cup)

Calories: 143, Total Fat: 1.64g, Total Carbs: 27.59g, Protein: 6.87g

Quinoa and Chickpeas View Details

Quinoa and Chickpeas (1 serving)

Calories: 152, Total Fat: 1.7g, Total Carbs: 27.6g, Protein: 7.7g

Kale Quinoa Pilaf View Details

Kale Quinoa Pilaf (1)

Calories: 269, Total Fat: 13g, Total Carbs: 27.6g, Protein: 11.5g

Quinoa Salad View Details

Quinoa Salad by Greenleaf (7oz)

Calories: 197, Total Fat: 12.5g, Total Carbs: 27.6g, Protein: 5.1g

Quinoa with Lemon and Zucchini View Details

Quinoa with Lemon and Zucchini (1 serving)

Calories: 162, Total Fat: 4.12g, Total Carbs: 27.62g, Protein: 5.43g

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