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Nov 11, 2014

KeanuJolliff KeanuJolliff
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I used to perform quite a few a diet tactics and also got explored to few forums regarding weight reduction nevertheless I really could not find a complete guidelines. Then a buddy involving my own informed me in regards to a fantastic and also quick eating habits, following following occurring eating habits intended for half a year I shed 90 lbs . and also am looking towards enter into a good form.
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Topic: Diet and Nutrition / Have a weight loss story to share?

May 28, 2014

bishamon bishamon
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no it matters fuck all. look at my goddamn abs they dont lie. carbs=carbs wether its from an apple, rice grain of wholegrain brown bread its still a goddamn carb containing 4 calories per gram.
only reason you would want a speicif carb is for fiber/micronutrient content but NOT in terms of weightloss

Topic: Diet and Nutrition / Is white rice bad for you?

May 27, 2014

mikegrahamis mikegrahamis
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Ive completed the challenge, To bad this isn’t still running

Topic: Motivation and Support / The Runners Guild

May 22, 2014

joemerchant123 joemerchant123
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Obesity people do lots of things to gain a fit body. some of them starve them self for long time while some start doing exercise. You must do proper planning for weight loss like how much calorie you have to consume whole day, what are the exercise you need to perform,etc. If you will follow your plan than you must lose great amount of weight. If your plan is not working than you don’t have to worry you can apply slim weight patch plus on your body. this patch will help you in getting slim.

Topic: Motivation and Support / people comments on weight loss

Feb 3, 2014

wjwinans wjwinans
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Any update to this topic? Will DailyBurn move to discontinue tracker or merge it with the fitness video program? I’m debating whether or not to update tracker to Pro.

Topic: General Discussion / Daily Burn vs Tracker?

Dec 24, 2013

therryXL therryXL
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Is Clenbuterol useful for women too?

Topic: Diet and Nutrition / lost muscle not fat, a couple of questions!

Dec 24, 2013

therryXL therryXL
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Reductil is a great diet pill for overweight people!

Topic: Supplements / Diet Pills

Dec 24, 2013

therryXL therryXL
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I’m losing weight with REDUCTIL diet pills

They suppress my appetite, boost my energy and increase my metabolism. I lose 5kg a month without much effor and feel great!!!

Topic: Diet and Nutrition / How I start to lose weigh

Dec 24, 2013

therryXL therryXL
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I’m losing weight with REDUCTIL diet pills bought from the main supplier —

They suppress my appetite, boost my energy and increase my metabolism. I lose 5kg a month without much effor and feel great!!!

Topic: Diet and Nutrition / Diet Pills

Dec 22, 2013

frankie1967 frankie1967
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Yes Truth About Abs does work. As a user I can say that the Truth About Abs is basically a step by step method that you includes a diet and exercise regime that will burn fat and tone your abs. It has worked for me and many others so I can honestly say it works. Here is a user review I found helpfull…

Topic: Fitness and Exercise / Truth about abs?? Has anybody tried it

Dec 4, 2013

Luvenia Luvenia
11 posts

There’s a fundamental rule in “fast weight loss”: that you have to burn more calories than you take in. Some diets make this easy by focusing on protein-rich foods (which fill you up faster and take more calories for your body to digest) or foods that give you energy (so you burn more calories sitting around). Best of all, though, is a little daily exercise.

Topic: Diet and Nutrition / Working out HARD no weight loss?

Nov 29, 2013

spaul8809 spaul8809
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If you are suffering from overweight and wants to lose your weight then the best way is to invest your time on exercise and concentrate on your daily diet routine. Exercise is the only best and natural way to lose our excess weight basically it reduces our extra calories and fat. if you think that you do not know more about the different type of exercise then you can take help from your friend or search on the internet. With the exercise you should also concentrate on your daily diet consumption because our daily meal also plays a very important role in maintaining our body fitness. According to the experts our diet should include fruits and fresh vegetables because this is the best way to get essential nutrition and vitamins. Many times it is seen that at the fresher level, persons feel weakness so to overcome from this problem you can use branded supplement like these supplements help us to boost up our energy at the time of our exercise sessions and also help us to achieve our desired goal.

Topic: Supplements / Best way to lose weight

Nov 29, 2013

spaul8809 spaul8809
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Dietary supplement help us to provide full energy and more diet for achieving our goal.

Topic: Supplements / Why Take Dietary Supplement?

Nov 29, 2013

spaul8809 spaul8809
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fat loss supplement are very helpful for us to reduce our excess fat. basically these supplement contains thermogenic power.

Topic: Supplements / Fat Loss Supplements?

Nov 26, 2013

getbusylivin getbusylivin
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Fitness Questions

Hey there. I have an elliptical machine at home, made by Life Fitness. I have a knee injury that I am recovering from, so this is the only way that I feel that I can get in a good cardio workout at home without overworking my knee joints. I’m a 5’ 7", female. I weigh 242. I’m 43 years old. I’ve been spinning my wheels with uncertainty for years because I keep reading different tips. I’m hoping to hear back from just the certified trainers on here, I could use a consensus of professionals’ advice.

Following a visit with my doctor and numerous tests, I discovered that I have a couple of food allergies, primarily to gluten and dairy. I’m working on getting on a low-glycemic, casein (dairy) free, gluten-free diet because of these allergies. I had my blood sugar tested and discovered that I have a tendency towards having higher blood glucose levels that return to nomal levels slower than the average person’s (I’m not a diabetic, but my mom is, she has diabetes type II). Finding cookbooks that encompass this diet (with nutritional info.) is nearly impossible. The Paleo diet doesn’t look too appetizing to me. I like veggies, but I’m not a big meat eater. I’m not a fan of soy. I mainly eat chicken and fish when I do eat it. I try more and more to just go vegetarian, but I’m not sure if that would go over my dietician-recommended “no more than 25 grams of carbs per meal.” I was also told to keep my fruits limited to two servings a day (because of my higher blood sugar levels). I hope this is all correct.

I’m fine with tracking exercise, but I don’t want to deal with constantly tracking everything that I eat. I tend to get easily carried away with details and maintaining prescribed limits. I think that if I maintain a low-ish fat, low-carb diet that is still gluten and dairy-free, while managing to listen to my hunger levels – being mindful to eat low G.I. foods, to eat slowly, not to overeat, and eat smaller more frequent meals, I should be okay. Counting calories, carbs, etc. would put me into overdrive on the details, and I will probably end up giving up out of uncertainty and frustration. In other words, I need to simplify. I’m not sure what to do there.

I have an elliptical machine, a Maximus multi-station weights gym at home, and free weights, as well as one of those AbLounge machines.

I’m setting out to lose weight; about 60 or 70 pounds, or a weight that feels healthy. I don’t want to spin my wheels doing cardio again that won’t get me results. I’m looking to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week.

I’m confused from reading conflicting opinions over the years about doing cardio (to what intensity to work at, and whether to do this trend of HIIT cardio). I’m still unsure how to do it, vs. doing a steady 70% to 85% RPE (rate of perceived exertion). I must have read ten to fifteen books over the years, many saying different things about how to do cardio…. I’m very confused as to how to go about doing cardio effectively.

In the past, whenever I get started on a cardio program, I’ve noticed that I have a lot of adaptability and endurance. After a few days, I can handle the higher intensities with ease and my body is able to adapt very quickly.

With doing weights, I’ve read that weights are even more important than doing cardio, as far as weight loss and general health is concerned. I get the general concept of weights (i.e., maintaining good posture, breathing, proper rest periods between sets and workouts, slower movement on the return of the weight to starting position, and using a weight that makes the last two or three reps tough but do-able, etc.)….

…Doing effective cardio burning confuses me to no end. I calculated my resting heart rate over three mornings (69 beats per minute) and using the “220 minus your age” formula, I calculated that to be in “The Zone” (of 70 to 85% RPE), my target heart rate should be between 145 to 161. Is that correct? I’m uncertain whether to maintain that target heart rate throughout the entire cardio workout, or whether to do “HIIT” cardio, as seems to be the latest fad (I wish trainers/exercise physiologists could come to a final consensus on this).

So I’m confused about what to do…

- a steady cardio (within the 70% to 80% R.P.E. or less?) for 60 minutes


HIIT” training (and how to do it)???

I need to be sure of what I’m doing, but never have.

I’m also looking for ONE source to get CORRECT information on exercise. Does it exist? Trainers must have some authorative resource from which to get this information, right? Help???

Topic: Fitness and Exercise / Could Use Some Trainer Advice

Oct 25, 2013

frankie1967 frankie1967
2 posts

I’m a user. I found the program pretty useful as I was a complete beginner. I’m on week 4 and have lost some weight and enjoy the program, so it does work if you follow it. Here is a user review I found of use

Topic: Fitness and Exercise / Truth about abs?? Has anybody tried it

Oct 24, 2013

bjlasota bjlasota
15 posts

What’s happenin? I’m posting these questions to hopefully get some advice on if I’m doing everything right, and what I should Modify. This is a longer post, but I’m trying to get everything in here. Let me start off by saying I’ve worked out on and off throughout my life so far. Approaching 30 and am noticing myself getting weaker than when I was in high school and college. I’m a year round hockey player, golfer, have an office job, and have completed P90X, Insanity, T25, and Les Mills Combat. I’ve used schools gyms, had gym memberships, and used my own stuff with the BB programs. My equipment consists of an olympic smith machine with pullup bar, tons of weights, dumbbells both 1 piece and adjustable, straight bar, e-z curl bar, and a bench that can decline, incline multiple positions with a preacher pad on the end. I also have a bunch of resistance bands that I had when I didn’t own a house.

My goal is basically to maintain, maybe lean out a bit, and build some muscle. But I’m not looking to blow my muscles up like balloons and I’m not looking to add TONS of mass, but a little would be fine. Again, I play ice hockey once a week in the summers and 2-3 nights fall through spring. I work full time.

Here is the current workout plan I’m following based on my time limits, equipment I own, and what I’ve put together from a few different programs geared towards hockey players. Basically built it to maintain my current weight, yet gain a little mass and lean out at the same time. I drink a single scoop protein shake mixed with FF milk prior to workout and a recovery shake after workout. I’m 5’6, about 155 lb and my BF% has ranged from 12-18%. Typically I do 3 sets of 8 reps each, with the last set usually being strenuous but able to finish with good form. I’m in my third week with this program and have gradually been increasing weights each week. Sometimes I’ll switch a day around.

- Hockey once a week currently, typically Sunday or Monday night late. Going up to 3 nights after Thanksgiving(more on this later).

- Monday – 4:30AM – Chest/Bis
- Flat Dumbbell Flys
- Standing Barbell Curl
- Flat Barbell bench Press
- Standing Dumbbell Curl
- Dumbbell 15 deg incline bench press
- Preach curl
- Decline Bench Press
- Reverse Barbell Curl

- Tuesday – 4:30AM – Quads/Calvs
- Goblet Squat
- Dumbbell Lunges
- Front Barbell Squat
- Dumbbell Calf Raise Standing
- Barbell Squat
- Seated Barbell Calf Raise

- Wednesday – OFF

- Thursday – 4:30AM – Back/Tris
- Wide overhand pullups
- Dumbbell lying tri extension
- Reverse grip chin ups
- Dumbbell Tri Kickbacks
- One Arm dumbbell row
- Pronated Dumbbell tricep extension
- Bent over barbell Row

- Friday – 4:30AM – Shoulder/Hams
- Dumbbell Shrugs
- Front Dumbbell Raise
- Barbell Shrugs
- Reverse Flys
- Dumbbell seated shoulder press
- Sliff Legged barbell dead lift
- Side Lateral Raise
- Romanian dead lift

So Here’s the questions:

1) Does this plan look ok? Any suggestions based on the equipment I have? A different movement or anything I can add? I try to keep my workouts to an hour due to work, life, etc. Is the order of each movement ok or should I re-order something to help out performance?

2) What kinda ab workouts can I add? Should I do something 3x a week like P90X abs or Insanity abs, or is there something I can roll in with these workouts to use weights for abs and obliques, again, based on my equipment?

3) I plan on getting a spin bike and starting some HIIT once it’s here. Did hiit on spin bike when I had gym memberships and lost quite a bit. What days should I be doing HIIT along with this setup above? Do you think I can sub hockey for HIIT once 3x a week starts? Issue with using hockey as HIIT, is I’ll be skating Mon,Tue, Wed all in a row, then nothing until the following Sunday. Hockey games are usually at 10pm, then I’ll be lifting at 4:30am the next morning for 2 days in a row, off day Wednesday. Should HIIT be only 3 days or can I do it everyday, or every other after the 3 days of hockey in a row? Like Thur, Sat?

4) For any specific hockey players that ride a bike after games, how long do you ride for and what intensity?

5) Like I said above, I’ve done programs like P90X and insanity. Those programs always have a rest week every 5th week. Should I be doing something less every fifth week or just keep going?

Sorry this is so long, just trying to give everyone enough info to minimize questions. Thanks in advance for all the help!

Topic: Fitness and Exercise / Does this ok for a program with a few Qs?

Oct 21, 2013

hanane98 hanane98
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I’m asking for help here , I eat the exact quantity of carbs I sould eat but I don’t eat enough calories; fat and protein and I’m afraid of eating more because that way I’ll eat too muach carbs but still I neet to have more calories and other stuff . What should I do? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

Topic: Motivation and Support / Please I need you!

Oct 18, 2013

fatmama42 fatmama42
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hi i’m new here. here is my story. i have been fat my whole life, i’ve been teased very badly, named calling. i’ve been on alot of diets, i eventually did lose alot of weight, but something always happened that it all comes back or more. i have some physcial problems and some metal problems. i’m 42 years old and i want to be happy when i lost alot of weight. my starting weight is 236.8lbs. i want to get back to my size 2’s. i just mainly need help.

Topic: Motivation and Support / Newbie

Oct 18, 2013

ln1015 ln1015
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I saw these on the news and that they caused liver damage….does anyone have info on them? Stopped taking but curious?

Also, what is a good replacement to take instead of the Oxy Elite?

Topic: Supplements / OxyElite from GNC

Oct 18, 2013

Adaline Adaline
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If living in the real world and desire to stay the actual natural life, best and unique way is to develop body naturally by eating good nutritious food including, read meat, vegetables, milk, pulses, make natural body no doubt will take time but more effective as compared to the supplements, but supplements are also good idea as they help to develop the fitness in faster way after all we are in the advanced technology, even I had tried one supplement name *… as it has certain important feature like it makes muscle stronger, burn fat, though it has OTCN2 molecule makes it to provide high bioavailability as well as it is responsible for the differentiation and hypertrophy of fat-cells.

But making the natural body is good idea try them in prescribed amount instead of heavy amount after all what we eat during meal depends on how hungry our stomach is as taking extra food to stomach harm, so take the supplements in little amount to make the body faster.

Topic: Supplements / Fat Loss Supplements?

Oct 18, 2013

WorkoutMotivator WorkoutMotiv...
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Imagine if you were blind. Complete darkness. No color. If you were blind, ask yourself how badly you’d want to see. If pushing yourself to your limits could give you sight, would you do it? If there was a cure would you let anything stand in your way. Would you risk the haters and the critics to see again? Do you really want to succeed? Then Do whatever it takes to see. If not your just blind anyways.

Full speech here:

Topic: Motivation and Support / Looking for Motivators for Long Term Goals

Oct 18, 2013

WorkoutMotivator WorkoutMotiv...
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Hey! I’m new here also.
Check out this video It really motivates me. The whole channel is really motivating actually.

Topic: Motivation and Support / Newbie

Oct 17, 2013

omegasoul omegasoul
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To improve stamina, it is important to take well balanced, low fat diet that include fresh fruits and vegetables, it keeps your body healthy and increase your physical and mental stamina. Do regular exercise it increase your overall energy level and will help you to maintain your ideal body weight.

Topic: Fitness and Exercise / Tips to improve stamina.

Oct 16, 2013

venassa81runner venassa81runner
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heres an honest and calulated answer:

Newborn to 2 months old
12 – 18 hrs
3 months to 1 year old
14 – 15 hrs
1 to 3 years old
12 – 14 hrs
3 to 5 years old
11 – 13 hrs
5 to 12 years old
10 – 11 hrs
12 to 18 years old
8.5 – 10 hrs
Adults (18+)
7.5 – 9 hrs

Topic: General Health / How important is sleep?