Hugo Saner

Personal Trainer

Bristol, England

Hugo has been playing sports all of his life and has been weight training since 1990. Also, he has obtained a professional degree in Personal Training and Sports Therapy. Some of Hugo's specialties include Core stability work, Injury rehabilitation, Fat loss, Overall fitness improvement, Sport specific training, Back and postural work, and Stroke sufferers.

I enjoy dealing with people and so it seemed a natural progression to make it my career and dream job. Most people seem to dislike gyms whereas I love them and that helps my clients feel more welcome.

- Hugo Saner

What do you look for in a client?

I don’t turn any clients away, but I do insist that every client is committed to achieving their goals. Having a Personal Trainer isn’t a quick fix, it’s an educational journey that will not only get you to your goals but will give you a full understanding of how your body works and how you need to treat it to get the most from life.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to get in better shape?

Start with your mind first. You will never stick to a new routine if you’re not fully aware of your weaknesses and how to overcome them. The best way to achieve this is to educate yourself and learn what is required to achieve your goals and the best way to do this? Get yourself a Personal Trainer. If you can’t afford this then the next alternative is to read articles on health, fitness and diet. This will help give you a complete picture of how to go about getting the results you want. To get you started visit my blog where you will learn everything that I teach my clients and more. The best bit is that it is FREE.

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