Beginner Sprint Triathlon

Summary: 5 Days a Week
16 weeks to your first triathlon.

Description: In just 16 weeks, this plan will take you from the couch to the starting line of your very first triathlon. This training plan combines both strength and endurance training. Triathlon is the perfect sport for athletes who enjoy cross-training.

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16 weeks to get in shape for your first triathlon.

You do not need prior running or cycling experience to start this program, however, you must be comfortable freestyle swimming at least 100m in a standard lap pool. If you have no swimming experience, please complete an introductory swimming course taught by a certified professional.

This is a 16 week program divided into four phases, culminating in the successful completion of a sprint triathlon. The phases are divided into Base I (weeks 1 – 4), Base II (weeks 5 – 8), Build (weeks 9 – 13), Peak (weeks 14 – 15), and Taper (week 16). Be sure to choose and sign up for the race of your choice, and then count back 16 weeks to find the correct start date of this training plan.

A strong core will improve your body position in the water by making it easier to lift your hips.

The Base I phase is designed to assess and build overall cardio endurance.

The Base II phase is designed to build cardio endurance and reinforce the neuromuscular skill set required for triathlon.

The Build phase creates sport-specific speed and power by focusing on interval training and speed drills.

The Peak phase is a two week phase where conditioning will be at its maximum. The goal of the Peak phase is to maintain fitness and practice the technical skills needed to transition seamlessly from sport to sport in race-like conditions.

The Taper phase is one week long and includes a significant drop in activity levels. The Taper phase allows the body to rest and reenergize before the big race. There are no structured workouts for this week. Because you are already in peak physical condition for the race, go outside and ride with the bike you will be using for the race for an hour at low intensity. Do not focus on the workout, but rather, learn how to change gears smoothly, when to break, etc.

Sample Workout from this Training Plan

Swimming - Base I

Designed to be performed in an indoor pool, freestyle is the stroke of choice for distance swimmers. Swimming works your whole body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, and endurance simultaneously. A t...



Swimming is most commonly performed as an exercise inside of a pool. Swimming works your whole body,...

Suggested Routine:
Distance: 800 m

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dmbale dmbale

posted Sunday, November 21, 2010

I just signed up for this and glad that I have been working on my base for awhile. The workouts seem ambitious for someone really going from couch to Sprint Tri. 800 m swims for someone who has had their butt on a couch and just started…….hm. My goal with this is to strengthen my base, help me get back to a good competition weight and prepare me for the hard core tri training that one of the Ironman trainers offers.

snwco snwco

posted Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Lost 20 Lbs! I Lost 10 Lbs! I Lost 5 Lbs! I Burned 5,000 Calories!

I love this work out. It was KINDLY worded for me. “Couch to Starting Line” :-) I have issues with running due to the fact that i have no cartilage in my knees, so I will be walking the running part. I have done 5K, 10K and 1/2 Marathons but I can’t do them at a very fast pace at its not quite as satisfying. I like the idea of the Sprint Tri because I am doing very well in the swimming and biking part. Guess I will see you all when passing me on the run. Have Fun….

kristinaellis495 kristinaelli...

posted Thursday, April 7, 2011

I started this program today, previously I have been using the gym to my own pace and last July had surgery, however i feel this is a great motivator. I swam today 900m in 27 Mins so i was proud! i’m concerned about the running, i really struggle to run my max time on a treadmill running is 10 minutes, any suggestions of how to battle through? bike, cross trainer does not intimidate me at all but running does… help!

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