Olympic Triathlon Training

Summary: 5 Days a Week
16 weeks to your first Olympic distance triathlon.

Description: In just 16 weeks, this plan will get you in shape to compete in your first Olympic distance triathlon (1.5 km swim, 40 km ride, 10 km run). This training plan combines both strength and endurance training.

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Get in shape for your first Olympic distance triathlon.

This training plan is designed for people who want the benefits of a comprehensive strength and cardio program, but need a specific goal to stay motivated. If you are new to the sport, we suggest that you start with the Beginner Sprint Triathlon Training Plan.

This is a 16 week program divided into four phases, culminating in the successful completion of an Olympic distance triathlon. The phases are divided into Base I (weeks 1 – 4), Base II (weeks 5 – 8), Build (weeks 9 – 13), Peak (weeks 14 – 15), and Taper (week 16). Do not skip weeks. Be sure to choose and sign up for the race of your choice, and then count back 16 weeks to find the correct start date of this training plan.

On a spin bike, pedal with one leg for 60 seconds than switch to improve pedal stroke.

The Base I phase is designed to build overall cardio endurance.

The Base II phase is designed to build cardio endurance and reinforce the neuromuscular skill set required for triathlon.

The Build phase creates sport-specific speed and power by focusing on interval training and speed drills.

The Peak phase is a two week phase where conditioning will be at its maximum. Instead of working to go longer and faster, the goal of the Peak phase is to maintain fitness.

The Taper phase is one week long and includes a significant drop in activity levels. The Taper phase allows the body to rest and reenergize before the big race. There are no structured workouts for this week. Be sure to run and swim at least once during this week but take it easy. Because you are already in peak physical condition for the race, go outside and ride with the bike you will be using for the race for an hour at low intensity.

Sample Workout from this Training Plan

Swimming - Base I

Designed to be performed in an indoor pool, freestyle is the stroke of choice for distance swimmers. Swimming works your whole body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, and endurance simultaneously. A t...



Swimming is most commonly performed as an exercise inside of a pool. Swimming works your whole body,...

Suggested Routine:
Distance: 1600 m

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How do I see the entire workout plan over the course of 16 weeks? I notice it only gives brief descriptions.

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woofersn… did you ever figure out how?

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77cimmino 77cimmino

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