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1 Workout / 6 Exercises

0% Cardio / 100% Strength Training

Workout Program Description



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Tricep Kickbacks - Dumbbell
Stand to the right of a flat bench. Bend your left knee and rest it on the bench, and place your left hand ahead of you on the bench for balance. Your back should be as straight as possible. Pick up a...

Small Tricep Extension - Dumbbell, One Arm
Preparation: Position the dumbbell behind your neck with your elbow positioned upward. Execution: Extend your arm until straight. Return and repeat. Continue with opposite arm. Exercise description b...

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Bench Press - Dumbbell, Flat
Sit on the edge of a flat bench with dumbbells on your knees. In one smooth motion, roll onto your back while bringing the dumbbells up to a position slightly outside and above your shoulders. Your pa...

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Bench Press - Dumbbells, Inclined
Sit on the edge of an incline bench set at about a 45-degree angle. Pick up a dumbbell in each hand and place them on your thighs. Then, one at a time, raise them up to your shoulder level while you p...

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Flyes - Dumbbell, Flat
Sit down on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Then lie back, keeping the dumbbells close to your chest. Lift the dumbbells over your chest by extending your arms. Maintain a slight bend in yo...

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Bench Dips
Place two flat benches parallel to each other, about three to four feet apart. Sit on one bench facing the other, with your hands grasping the side of the bench. Using your hands to support your weigh...


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