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Tagged as: 2 day, upper body, and Lifting

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2 Workouts / 11 Exercises

0% Cardio / 100% Strength Training

Workout Program Description

This is a 2 day-a-week workout program that contains only free weight (dumbbell) exercises. The program deals only with the upper body (no legs).



This workout focuses mainly on the pectoral and tricep muscle groups. If you are just starting out, begin with low weight dumbbells (10-20 lb) and work your way up if you need more of a challenge. All suggested weight values are given in total weight, i.e., 50 lb means two 25 lb dumbbells.

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Bench Press - Dumbbell, Flat
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Sit on the edge of a flat bench with dumbbells on your knees. In one smooth motion, roll onto your back while bringing the dumbbells up to a position slightly outside and above your shoulders. Your pa...

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Bench Press - Inclined, Hammer Grip
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Grab a dumbbell for each hand. Lay on the bench with the head, shoulders, and butt firmly on the bench and the feet firmly on the floor . Pull the shoulder blades together to form a solid pressing sur...

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Flyes - Dumbbell, Declined
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Using a decline bench, hold dumbbells together at arms' length above your shoulders, palms facing each other. Keep arms as straight as possible with a slight bend in the elbow. Lower dumbbells out to ...

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Tricep Press - Dumbbell, Seated
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Sit on a bench with a straight back, feet flat on the floor, and back firmly against the bench. Grasp one end of a dumbbell with both hands (palms up) and raise it above your head, locking the elbows....

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Tricep Extension - Dumbbell, Lying, Supine
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Like on your back on a flat bench with two dumbbells at arm's length above your shoulders. Lower dumbbells in a semicircular motion, bending arms at your elbows, keeping upper arms vertical until fore...

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Tricep Kickbacks - Dumbbell
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Stand to the right of a flat bench. Bend your left knee and rest it on the bench, and place your left hand ahead of you on the bench for balance. Your back should be as straight as possible. Pick up a...


What People are Saying


Correct form. A must!

It's so refreshing to see Good video examples of how to actually perform exercises with the correct form. Actually it would be even better to see larger videos and with multiple views per exercise. Dumbbells... are the master tools of the world of Free Weights, because they are so versatile. They are put to good use in the workout program P90X. Love it!

Created over 4 years ago by toby39


I used to do almost exactly this workout, but then I got a trainer for a day and he suggested that it was better to work opposing muscle groups: so, e.g., chest and back, or bis and tris. The thing about this workout is every one of those exercises uses your tris, which pretty much will destroy your tris for the whole week. That makes it a lot harder to do any shoulders or chest the rest of the week.

Created over 6 years ago by esprit



I have chosen to do this workout because it is something that I can do at the school track on the benches, if i bring my own weights. That way I don't have to do it at the gym!

Created over 6 years ago by amclouse



I don't have a bench to handle my olympic weights. is there a substitute to bench press?

Created over 7 years ago by shooter



This is a good workout. Ideas are very basically, tough to go wrong with same-day primary/secondary muscles groups and the reps are just in range to initiate muscle build

Created over 7 years ago by drj


A few questions

1. Are you supposed to do both workouts at the same time/day? 2. Is there a sequence of exercises? 3. Is it really correct to do 3 bench press type exercises in a row? 4. How much rest between sets and between exercises? Many thanks

Created over 7 years ago by lecycliste


Love it!

The videos are really helpful to show you how to do the exercises correctly!

Created over 7 years ago by Cherylita


Why did I choose this workout?

I have never been one to use the free weights, but felt since I am taking this class, I would try it and see how it is. I have been doing free weights for about a week now...and love it.

Created over 7 years ago by towens


Why I chose ths work out

I chose this workout because it is easy and something i can do at home when I have the free time.. I dont have to go out and drive in traffic to get my workout on... lol

Created over 7 years ago by kerrybra


Why I chose this workout

I chose this workout because this is something that you can do at home as long as you buy a few free weights. This workout also includes 6 different exercises which give many different varities.

Created over 7 years ago by dmedrano


Print Out

It would be nice if there was a function that allowed you to print out the workout in a neat fashion - which includes an illustration of the maneuver. Anyone know how to do this?

Created over 7 years ago by marktcoleman



Hi,how come im only with old guys on this work out??anyway im new to this gym stuff so you guys should help me out,PLEASE!!

Created over 8 years ago by Gk


Yeah, I would suggest using a separate program for leg exercises.

Created over 8 years ago by stephenb


I like this program, but...

It neglects working out the legs. Leg muscles burn more calories than upper body muscles, so I feel it is important to work those as well. Good for an upper body workout though.

Created over 8 years ago by absmith

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