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1 Workout / 1 Exercise

100% Cardio / 0% Strength Training

Workout Program Description

I recommend doing this daily for 30 minutes. Keep a steady pace and don't slow down. Each week try and get more distance out of your 30 minutes on the machine. Keep the workout at 30 minutes, but over time increase your speed and resistance.

Some of the benefits of the Elliptical Trainer

  • Easier on the knees, compared to a treadmill.
  • You can work upperbody and lowerbody at the same time.
  • Helps promote cell growth in bones in the lower body and spine.



Elliptical 30 Minute Daily Workout.

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Small Elliptical Machine
The elliptical machine provides a workout similar to running, except that it significantly reduces the stress placed on your joints. This is a good cardiovascular exercise that will help improve your ...


What People are Saying



I chose this workout because I wanted to make my heart stronger. I believe this is a great way to do cardio and relieve the stress on my joints that running can bring. I can run on this machine without making my knees hurt -which is what usually stops me from continuing my cardio.

Created over 6 years ago by justiss


Elliptical=great cardio workout

i have been using this machin for a while now and love it. After working out on it for 30+min, i can really feel a great burn. It not only burns great calories, but my legs feel like they get a great workout as well. It is my number one machine at the gym.

Created over 6 years ago by crjregan1


I run marathons and...

I do my training on an elliptical. I've done my research over the last couple of years regarding winter (indoor) training, and the treadmill just kills my achilles tendon and knee. The impact - no matter how new the treadmill - just isn't good over time. The elliptical, over the last two years has not let me down once. The new Cybex machines (they're like the elliptical but a different name...they have them at Snap Fitness).

Created over 6 years ago by DuluthMN


Calorie Burns for Me

With my understanding to the Nordictrack guide, there are several ways to exercise one the elliptical. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * If a person wants to do cardio aerobic burns they shall work at a faster pace with average resistance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Strength and endurance burns go at a greater resistance with average pace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Calorie burns much better at a lower pace with longer time than average workouts. If 30 minutes are average then 45 or better, or simply adjust the console for how many calories to burn.

Created over 6 years ago by Stride


Getting use to it....

For the past 3 weeks i have been using the Elliptical machine due to shin splints from running so much. I do about an hour a work out 2-3x a week. This was the best thing that could happen for me. I decided to try the Treadmill last night to see if there is still any pain while running ( there is still a little pain). I was running at 6.9 for 5 min. that is the fastest i have done on the treadmill and i give credit to the Elliptical machine for giving me more stamina!!!

Created over 6 years ago by soulpoetic


I chose this work out for a harcore cardio calorie burning excersise!

Created over 6 years ago by adana


Love it

I swear by the eliptical. It't one of the best cardio machines in my opinion. I used to do 60 min at an 8 pace on level 3. It's hardcore but I used to walk away feeling thinner.

Created over 6 years ago by kdm4795


Modified Version

I've been doing a modified version of this work out for the past 4 months and do 40 minutes with a 5 minute cool-down at the end. Typically burn around 580 calories and travel 3.7 miles. I use the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainers at my fitness center

Created over 6 years ago by andymorton72


Burn baby

Love this workout. I hope to be able to increase my time.

Created over 6 years ago by bbenzo



I have an eliptical at home and anytime I want to watch TV I decided I must be working out to do so. I really like TV so this is the perfect way to stay motivated.

Created over 6 years ago by tsah28



My gym has Usb enabled ellipticals.. I use a macbook pro at home and would like to know if the data is compatible and also if it is easy to upload on here? I will take it with me to the gym tomorrow and find out.

Created over 6 years ago by sebadude


Newbie with a question...

I am new at the elliptical and not in very good shape, but every time i get on the elliptical for 5 minutes i lose felling in my legs. Know i am no dummy but i don't think that is a good thing! Is this something that i will get over and just need to get through it or am i doing something wrong?? Does height have anything to do with it?? Any help would be great!!

Created over 6 years ago by sarahclark


Just like the one I use

I like the treadmill and the bike, but have found that this is easier to use and doesn't hurt my knees as much. I dive for balls all the time in volleyball so my knees ache more than other parts, and I can use this equipment before or after volleyball without pain.

Created over 6 years ago by jena716


I love the elliptical!

I have bad knees so the elliptical is great for me. I can go like crazy on the elliptical, but if I do the same workout on the treadmill, I'm definitely feeling the pain afterward. It's really a great machine to start with if you haven't exercised for a while or ever before. When I started with it and did it for a while then the treadmill and other hard impact sports weren't so bad on my knees.

Created over 6 years ago by mandisteps


Which brand and model are you using?

I'm on Kettler Satura E. Keep up!

Created over 6 years ago by imbehind


Any thougts?

I bought a new elliptical for my wife and myself 5 days ago, and started workouts. Since I'm around 100kg (200lbs) and 184cm(~6ft) I crashed cheap Chinese elliptical 3 years ago, but managed to loose 6kg (12lbs) in 1.5 month. (I bought it then because I wanted to look half-decent for my wedding). I used to workout daily for about 60min and it worked. But now I'm considering different approach - 2 workouts/day. Morning - elliptical for 10 min and 20 pushups, then in the evening 30min elliptical followed by strength workout that varies daily. ANY COMMENTS? IDEAS? TIPS? CHEERS!

Created over 6 years ago by imbehind


I just got one and this is all new to me....

Chose this because I just bought a machine because it works on upper and lower body at the same time...and as I'm new to the exercise way of life, I'm hoping that joining a workout group will help keep me motivated.

Created over 7 years ago by jbezeau


Why I chose this...

I like this workout because I wanted to try the Eliptical because I usually never do it. Also, I like that the time never increases just resistence. I think thats a good idea.

Created over 7 years ago by melissaball24


Why I chose this...

I chose this because I want to have a good cardio workout and get my heart pumping!

Created over 7 years ago by KendraEve


I loved using one at the gym they are great for a cardio workout very effective and great for working the legs and butt when on the correct setting. I have one at home that I enjoy using.

Created over 7 years ago by Krysda69

Cassi Reardon

I love the elliptical, so why not join this group? I try to work out on my elliptical for at least 5 hours a week. Hopefully this group will motivate me even more to stay on top of my daily routine.

Created over 7 years ago by Cassi Reardon


Everyone is always telling me how great the elliptical is. I am usually a treadmill type of girl so i joined this group to give it a try and maybe do a little switch

Created over 7 years ago by ChinnyPoo


Elliptical Trainer

I generally do 45 minutes even though I stay at level 1 or 2 without incline...I've been told it is better to get atleast 45 minutes for cardio health than go for more intensity with less time...if I do it enough times over a period, I can do it more intensely. I also do the one with arms moving.

Created over 7 years ago by FitMe


ellipticals are super cool

I am an ellipticals addict, however my routine is totally different. I do a 40 minute routine where I can burn up to 1000 cals in that 40 min session. It's tough as hell but I can feel that I have trained. I have now also started HIIT training on the elliptical - wow, what a workout!! Enjoy and Good Luck!

Created over 7 years ago by Themachine28


ellipticals are awesome

I've got one just downstairs at my apartment complex. Look forward to using it more and should be fun to compete against my own distance goals.

Created over 7 years ago by gardenguy


Why I chose this workout

I chose this workout because it is something that I can do in my own home. I have an elliptical upstairs which is easier for me to get this workout done quick.

Created over 7 years ago by dmedrano


increasing my workout time

Recently started this workout and right now I can go for about 15 minutes, I'm working on increasing my time to 30 min per day

Created over 7 years ago by nursepeg

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