3-day Split Workout

Created by john

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3 Workouts / 19 Exercises

0% Cardio / 100% Strength Training

Workout Program Description

This is a basic workout program that splits muscle groups into three days.

  • Workout 1 includes chest, triceps, and ab exercises.
  • Workout 2 includes back, biceps, and ab exercises. 
  • Workout 3 includes shoulder and leg exercises. 
Each workout should be performed 1 day per week. For best results, perform cardio on days you are not doing weight training.




Concentration on back and bicep movements. Also includes abdominals. Should be performed once a week.

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Small Lat Pulldowns - Wide-Grip
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Pull the bar down in front of you, not behind the head. Do not arch your back, but keep it completely still, no swaying, swinging, arching or curving. Just lean back about 10 degrees and maintain that...

Small Seated Cable Rows
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Do not lean forward or backward in this exercise. It is very important that once you are set up in position with your back perpendicular to the floor your back does not move. Only your arms should mov...

Small Back Extensions
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Lie face down on a hyperextension bench, tucking your ankles securely under the footpads. Adjust the upper pad if possible so your upper thighs lie flat across the wide pad, leaving enough room for yo...

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EZ-Bar Curl
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Just like a normal barbell curl, but with an EZ Curl bar. Position your hands so they are on the curve that causes your palms to face inwards. Exercise description by

Small Preacher Curl
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Using a preacher curl bench and an EZ curl bar, make sure the seat is adjusted to the right height. When you sit, the seat should not be so low that the shoulders are elevated nor so high that you're ...

Small Crunch - Decline
3 sets: 20 reps, 20 reps, 20 reps
Using a decline bench, position yourself with your feet locked in at the top. Your upper body should be raised off the bench so that you have to contract your abs just to stay in place. Place your han...


What People are Saying


Increase in weight

Why am I putting up weight even after this work out

Created over 4 years ago by manjunath801


Day 1

Back to the basics, this 3 day RT. and low Carb eating worked in the past. Goal burn the body fat 30 days

Created over 6 years ago by Warriormd5



I don't like lifting work out, but I do like it when I lift weights on my legs because it works on me.

Created over 6 years ago by Jen236


A Second and Third Part Would Be Great!

It would be awesome if you could create a Part II and Part III of this program that we could implement after about 6 weeks. That would help reduce the possibility of muscle memory and help get past plateaus. Otherwise, this is a great workout, but only for about 6 weeks...then a change is needed.

Created over 6 years ago by stabgotham


doing this workout for only one week makes muscles hurt/sore that I've never felt before - like my abs. :)

Created over 6 years ago by amandajean1


3 days muscle program

I picked this because it best represents the workout I do at the gym and it is separated for different muscle groups. I don't always know the names of the machines I'm on so seeing them here makes it easier to know what I'm doing.

Created over 6 years ago by jena716


Great program!

I like this program because it switches up the different muscle groups. I don't have time to hit all the muscle groups at once (or the strength :) ) so this is a great way to split them up. Plus it allows for some recovery time.

Created over 6 years ago by mandisteps


Just switched.

I just switched from a Body for Life workout to this one and I love it! The Body fo Life workout was good but I like that this one mixes up the muscles worked. Much better.

Created over 6 years ago by Voodoo7


How long is this suitable for?

I have undertaken this for the last week and I can feel results already, was just wondering how long is best? 4 weeks perhaps?

Created over 7 years ago by Twentyfish


Why I chose this...

I chose this workout because I want to increase my strength. I'm excited for the results!

Created over 7 years ago by KendraEve


I do a similar 3 day split but here is what I do i

This is great for a 3 day split work out. I tend to train much more, but I am old school and have been at it for 20+ years now. I do a push pull work out so my typical workout will start with a 5 minute warm up on cardio machine of choice, then abs for 10-15 minutes. I can do a mini circuit course for them 3 exercises in succession 3 sets each, knock em out in less then 15 minutes. This will get the heart rate up. Then I go into the workout with the weights which will encompass free weights, as well as pulleys and machines. I do chest and back, trying to superset a chest exercise with a back exercise. I will do 3-4 exercises for each by 3 sets. Follow this up with 30 minutes of cardio. Day 2 45-60 minutes of cardio, day 3 warm up, abs, legs including calves 30 minutes of cardio, day 4 cardio 45-60 minutes, day 5 warmup, abs, shoulders, biceps and triceps, 30 minutes of cardio, day 6and 7 cardio 45-60 minutes. This program is designed to be done with intensity and efficiency. The name of the game is increasing your cardio output and speeding up your metabolism so you burn fat and build muscle efficiently and effectively without having to use weight loss supplements or drastic diets. A well balanced diet with pleanty of fruits, vegies, lean meats, and carbs along with 96 ounces of water will help you achieve this. Hope this helps if you have any further questions about exercises, let me know. Anthony CPT 24 Hour Fitness Folsom.

Created over 7 years ago by usmctrainer


stretches anyone?

Does anyone know if there are good Stretching programs on here? I know I need to do them, and I know most of them but I don’t have a good one for my chest and I could shoot arrows from my hamstrings. Any suggestions? Thanks

Created over 7 years ago by wwbbd693



Guys just subscribe to the workout, go to the Locker room and you get a printer friendly version for each day workout.

Created over 7 years ago by mahmoodadeel



The only way i could figure out how to print was to highlite each page "Back and Biceps", etc and print just that highlighted section.

Created over 7 years ago by Joyslite


Print for use?

Anyone know of an easy way to print out this or any other workout for easy use?

Created over 7 years ago by keirj


Great Way to Start any Program

I thought this was a great way to get back into the gym. The reps weren't too intense that I killed myself, and I was able to modify each series enough to push myself. I recommend that sometimes you go above the 10 reps, esp for your first set, but this is your program.

Created over 7 years ago by frizbie



Great starter workout. You can always modify for specific needs but it gets you in a good routine.

Created over 7 years ago by angelstar77


After a Month...

Well after a month of doing this work out each week. I have to say I will do it again. I had great results with it. I did add more cardio. That would be my only comment about this workout. It is very cardio poor.

Created over 7 years ago by TreG



No Squats or deadlifts...Not good. IMO these lifts are essential to any workout. You don't need 30 rep sets of crunches, do them slowly and really squeeze. If you are able to get out more than 15 done this way you are a superfreak. Do them on a swissball for more burn. Ditch the Cable crossovers alltogether, add in another set of flat bench and incline bench. Ditch the Tricep pushdowns and add in skullcrushers or close grip bench press. This workout has you hitting your hams 2x (Back extension and lying leg curls) Put your back extensions on your leg day and pair them with alternating weeks of Sumo Deadlift and goodmornings or SLDL. Ditch the leg extensions, do lunges or one legged squats instead, much nicer for the knees Shoulder press, side lat raise and shrugs can all be hit by Muscle Clean and press.

Created over 7 years ago by Rockshilman


split correctly allows rest

medley, if you do chest/back on one day, and then bis/tris on another, you've probably worked your arms two days (ie. bench press uses tris as well). If you do chest/tris and then bis/back, you've allowed your muscles time to rest and adapt.

Created over 7 years ago by apexphy


Workout Routine

I have to say the workout is pretty good. I've been sticking to it for a month and so far so good. Thanks!

Created over 7 years ago by nickbsd


A couple of questions

Tried the chest and triceps workout for the first time today. I used to do chest/back and biceps/triceps on separate days. Can anyone explain why chest/triceps and back/biceps might be better? One question about this workout specifically is why are we going 20 reps for the cable crossovers? Thanks.

Created over 7 years ago by medley

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