P90X Core Synergistics

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1 Workout / 22 Exercises

50% Cardio / 50% Strength Training

Workout Program Description

From Tony Horton's P90X



From Tony Horton's P90X

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Missing Stack Foot Stagger Hands Push-Up
1 set: 40 reps
Max reps. Stack toe of right foot on heal of left foot. stagger hands, switch feet and hands every 5 reps.

Missing Banana Rolls
2 minute exercise. 5 count at each(4) positions. start on back with legs, shoulders, arms(extended) off the mat. then left hip with shoulders, legs and arms(extended) off the mat. on stomach-just l...

Missing Leaning Crecent Lunges
1 set: 24 reps
Lean to Right in a DEEP lunge. extend arms in a straight line over your head, then back toward your butt. you can use dumbells or no weight. 5, 10, 12, or 15 lbs.

Missing Squat Run
in a deep lunge. swing arms like you are running as fast as you can. twist your core. flip lunge after 30 seconds. use weight or no weight. 5, 10, 12 or 15 lbs.

Missing Sphinx Push-Ups
1 set: 12 reps
max reps. forearms start on the mat, elbows under your shoulders. push off your hands, until arms are straight. hands further away is easier

Missing Bow to Boat
1 set: 5 reps
5 cycles, with 10 count hold on each side. start on stomach, reach back and grab your ankles. lift your shoulders and knees off the mat (bow). flip over to back with legs straight at a 45 degree ang...

Missing Low Lateral Skaters
in deep lunge to the side. start on right side, slide hands on the floor over to left side, when your hands reach your left foot, raise right foot off the ground and kick. slide to the other side and...

Missing Lunge and Reach
use 1 dumbell and hold with both hands. reach down to your right ankle in a lunge, then reack up across your body to set the dumbell on an imaginary self above your head. do as many as you can do in...

Missing Prison-Cell Pushups
1 set: 30 reps
here is the cycle. push up, bring right knee into chest, push up, bring left knee into chest, push up, jump to your feet and do a salutation, jump back and repeat. max reps

Missing Side Hp Raise
2 sets: 18 reps, 18 reps
on your side, feet stacked on top on one another, elbow under shoulder, forearm out, other arm on your hip. raise hip up as high as you can(above your shoulders) 15-20 reps a side.

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What People are Saying


great routine

this was a great one, not quite as good as the chest and back but still one of my favorites. I found this video online at and since then have incorporated this routine into my workout series now, thanks for this though this definitely helped me see in between the lines in the meantime

Created 4 months ago by justindee