Lose Fat and Build Muscle

Created by GarySmith

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4 Workouts / 26 Exercises

4% Cardio / 96% Strength Training

Workout Program Description

This is a 4-day per week workout program that hits all of the major muscle groups. Perform the workouts however you would like, but in order to see results you must push yourself. Try to choose a different exercise to perform to failure each workout.


Small Running
Running/jogging, whether competitively or for recreation, is one of the most popular cardiovascular activities. Running has many health benefits including reduced stress, a stronger heart, and lowered...

Small Leg Press
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Sitting on a leg press machine, position your feet together against the crosspiece about should-width apart and toes pointed slightly outward. Grasp the handle grips or sides of the seat. Bend your kn...

Small Leg Curls - Seated
3 sets: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Follow the directions on the seated leg curl machine. Exercise description by

Small Calf Raise - Seated, Machine
2 sets: 15 reps, 15 reps
Sit on a calf raise machine. Place your upper thighs under the leg pad just above your knees. Disengage any weight lock that may be in place. Lower your heels to the lowest possible position. Slowly r...

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Iron Cross
2 sets: 12 reps, 12 reps
Stand in a low parallel squat position, feet shoulder width apart and holding dumbbells parallel to the ground with palms facing in. Move arms out away from your sides in a giant "T" as you stand upri...


What People are Saying



This program is quite popular. I think this will be great for a series of different lifts and gains in the future

Created over 6 years ago by adutra



Cardio six days a week ! Whatever strength training workout your doing change it up every 4 weeks. Cross training is key. Elliptical, Treadmill, Cycle, Stairmaster and Rowing. Use a different one everyday. THE KEY IS STAYING INJURY FREE !

Created over 6 years ago by tarz69


Never Do Cardio Before Right Before Lifting

Cardio is easy, lifting is hard. You lift first to get the best workout possible. This way you have burned all available calories lifting and when you do cardio you are burning fat. Below is a better explanation

Created over 6 years ago by jcr85



i am trying to bulk up and gain muscle. like 10 -15 pounds of muscle. like a ryan reynolds body. would this be a good work out for it or no?

Created over 6 years ago by insanephil


In response to hanji

If youre looking for that lean physique you should do a lot of reps with a lower weight. This conditions your muscles and tones them greatly. The opposite is applied with greater weight and fewer reps since it puts greater stress on your muscles causing the muscle fibers to grow larger while you recooperate. You should also do cardio 3 to 4 days a week for about 30 minutes BEFORE your workouts. This will get your heart pumping and your body ready for the tedious lifting ahead. Cardio after workouts is much harder because your body and mind are mentally and physically tired and sore. Cardio before lifting also prevents injury. A well balanced diet will also help boost energy and speed up the metabolism. *Helpful Hint* Eat an apple before you lift for it will give you energy and stay AWAY from sports drinks!

Created over 6 years ago by bigfootpierett


In response to hanji

Well it just depends on what your looking for. If you want to build muscle then lifting heavy will make you bigger. There's two different approaches, a bulking phase or a cutting phase. Diet really plays an important part in this as well. Getting cut on this program is not hard to accomplish. I would actually boost the reps instead of 10 to 12-15. Also increase running time to about 30-45 mins. Your body starts to burn the excess fat for energy after 20 minutes of running. Save running after your workout too! You dont want to use all your energy running. Count your calories because if you want to lose weight, diet and exercise play hand in hand.

Created over 6 years ago by anythinganthony


this all neds an fitness studio but i dont have any near my home

Created over 7 years ago by majmun19


trying to get lean

hi all, im very excited about this workout. i've looked at a few, but this one looks really straightforward and effective. question: im ~166 pounds and at this point, i don't really think i want to gain weight as i really want to go for that slim cut look. 1. what do you all think about me either keeping this weight or do you think i should gain some more? 2. how can i get that cut look using this workout? i have a bad habit of lifting heavy every time i start working out. the last time i worked out for an extended time, i started at 170 and went to 179 in like 5 weeks. my body seems to react well to working out as i quickly see results. but i would like a more qualified opinion of what i should do in this case as my desire is go for a cut/slick look. please kindly advise. thanks in advance! specifics: male 166 pounds 5'11

Created over 7 years ago by hanji


then do a 25 minutes cardio session before every work out?

Created over 7 years ago by alexburns


Need some clarity

I don't understand this program. Do you do Cardio and Legs one day, Chest and Tris another day, etc. etc.? If this is the case, you would end up doing three bicep exercises on one day (a little excessive) and you would only do cardio and abs one day each week. This goes against what most professional fitness trainers on the site recommend. (i.e. cardio 4 times per week, abs every other day, etc.)

Created over 7 years ago by Jetace1

Jimmy Bond

I work out 4 to 5 times a week. Every time i'm at the gym i do at least a 45 minute cardio session before lifting weights. Will cutting down on cardio and doing it only once a week really help me lose fat?

Created over 7 years ago by Jimmy Bond


Why I am doing this workout

I found this workout plan and I think this would be a great total body workout.

Created over 7 years ago by lcollins



I just started this yesterday after being away from the gym the past 2 months. Started off with Back and Bis. Wow, I'm sore, but I can already feel a big difference. Before those 2 months, I was hitting the gym regularly 3-5x a week doing some good workouts. But this time, I wanted to go in there with a nice proper workout. I'm feelin it.

Created over 7 years ago by sonnyali



Hey, yesterday was my first day at the gym, and I LOVE IT. Im already addicited. Im trying to lose 150 lbs. so everyone pray for me that i push my self problem is i dont really know what to eat. i dont have any problems with drinking water or staying away from sweets but what kinda Meals do i need to eat and stay away from??

Created over 7 years ago by Ashley2004


if i got knee pain, should i bend that deep in Iron cross....anyone know??

Created over 7 years ago by orientalcat


It's a common worry by women that weight training will make you bulky, it doesn't (unless you want to - but female bodybuilding is a whole different matter). Combined with some cardio, weight lifting can burn a lot of fat. You may find that the numbers on the scales won't change drastically but you will notice your body fat % going down as muscle takes up less space than fat. I've been training for 3 months now and am now lifting pretty heavy weights. If you don't know what weight to start with, start low and increase the weight until 15 reps of that weight (with good form) is a challenge. You should be aiming for 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Created over 7 years ago by pharangese


So, will this exercise burn fat and make you lean or will it make you bulky? Or does that depend on the amount of weight you use when doing these exercises? I'm new to exercise.. Thanks!

Created over 7 years ago by sldream



Wow, this is almost exactly like the workout regimen I already do. Nice.

Created over 7 years ago by Vagrantmuse



that would be awesome!

Created over 7 years ago by coldsteel



I'm not going to look like arnold if I do this consistently am I? because that would suck. :|

Created over 7 years ago by tekhneek



How do you know how much calories are burned when doing the weights?

Created over 7 years ago by miwalani


This Workout

This workout is pretty good so far. I did the chest and tri's exercises yesterday and it really hit the right spots. I dont know why it is called "Lose Weight" and "Build Muscle" though as it only has one day of 25 min cardio which isnt near enough cardio to lose weight. I am doing it in combination with a cardio routine though.

Created over 7 years ago by benbythewood


If you are worried about injury...

...try this workout: ...sorry for the outside link, but I haven't transfered this to Gyminee yet. Starting with just body weight is a good way to test out your tolerance for weight. -FitPlusFree

Created over 7 years ago by fitplusfree


Agree with Graham2

A good look/function muscle structure needs both isolation exercises and functional movements. Functional exercises build endurance. Isolation exercises are the only way to grow the muscle. The perfect solution is to build you muscle for 3-4 months with isolation routines. Then do endurance exercises such as circuits, martial arts or alike.

Created over 8 years ago by eduardoraad


member jim jensen

About the comment made by jim jensen, you need to do isolation exercises in your programme to build muscle. If you do compound exercises also in your programme for instance chest press, seated row you will not do any injury, you keep your reps to 12 and weights to maximum overload.

Created over 8 years ago by Graham2


This program will set you up for injury.

This fitness program utilizes isolation machines for many of the exercises (leg press, calf raises, etc.) This may give you big looking muscles but it is a completely non-functional exercise that does nothing to develop the stabilizing muscles necessary to support such movements. You will eventually hurt yourself and blow out your knee or shoulder. Do you want to really develop an athletic body with power & strength? Stick to functional exercises - Real life human movements that teach your body to move correctly. You can still look great, feel great, and compete at a MUCH higher level. Keep off the isolation machines!!!!

Created over 8 years ago by jimjensen

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