Tricep Kickbacks - Dumbbell

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Stand to the right of a flat bench. Bend your left knee and rest it on the bench, and place your left hand ahead of you on the bench for balance. Your back should be as straight as possible. Pick up a dumbbell in your right hand. Bend your arm and raise your elbow up to shoulder height. Make sure the elbow stays close to the side of your body. Let the dumbbell hang. Press the weight back until your forearm is parallel to the floor. Squeeze your tricep and then slowly return to the starting position. Finish one set, then switch sides and arms. Only your upper arm should move... NOT your elbow! Look straight ahead at all times. Exercise description by

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Suggested Routine:

Set 1: 10 x 15 lbs

Set 2: 10 x 15 lbs

Set 3: 10 x 15 lbs